Saturday, March 23, 2013


Birds sing a general chorus: GOOD MORNING VISITOR!!!

Quietness at last....and I am here in front of the computer....when you look for quietness, the last thing you should do was even turning on your computer, or not even bring your computer to this GREEN CATHEDRAL...In places like Cunha where nature and wilderness are the RULERS, you should forget about technology and live like GUARANIS before the spanish....

But dear, Reader you know myself...we just got here 4 in the morning and I already finished two long reports, answered a few emails and I am here almost 10:00 am, telling you how super happy I am to be in Paraty....

This time I am in a different, Marcone and my lovely cousins Sonia, Noeme and Vanessa decided to be a little bit far from the buzz of our famous colonial town and we chose a place by the mountains and by the forests; close to the River and the incredible Bocaina Mountains Range. We are in Cunha....


Pousada das Acacias...our farm in the background of Paraty, right in the bottom of Bocaina Mountains....peace...that is the word to define such a pleasure of feeling our of our sweet life crazyness! Breakfast with homemade bread, natural juices, fresh air and wonderful company!

In the first hours of the morning, you know how I am...we played in the fields of Paradise...The inspiration of nature make us turn into three naughty children. The place is very well equipped with all comfort you need to be in absolutely harmony with Earth.

Well...Paraty is no doubt my favorite place in the State of Rio.

We invite you to the "doors of Paradise" and I invite you to know where I get my refuge when I am simply in the mood to stay with my birds and my plants! Cunha is perfect if you love waterfalls, colonial portuguese heritage and to experience daily local life. More is to come, in Paraty you will see Rio that you will never imagine!!!

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