Saturday, March 2, 2013


There was a time that we saw the favela behind bars or inside the house because we would never there to get our nose outside...A time with Terror, a time with deaths, a time where you could not say anything or do anything you like. More than 100.000 prisoners.

Now behind the windows...we can see HOPE...the violence is being behind the window we see FUTURE and brilliant future. Now the name FAVELA comes together with "Community". 

This wonderful people who had their wings they have wings to fly...And this people now can fly high and this is what makes me happy. My own people ready to work, ready to have normal life like I have in the other side of the city.

It is not a touristic attraction and I do not like to see the situation like is a chance you have to follow our daily life. A visit in a Favela is not like and never will be like visiting a ZOO...where poor people are animals that we see in a cage...coming to a favela is talking with people, visiting a favela is having a real approach about how life is improving (slowly but really going) for a part of our society which is not so fortunate. But they are happy with their BASIC life...But a lot is going on in so many favelas in Rio..and when the authorities finally think about see a lot of social projects happening and one of the greatest acts are the construction of a cable car to one of the biggest communities in Rio...The complexo do Alemão...

It is hard to translate or define COMPLEXO DO ALEMÃO, but let's see this region as a vast region that once belonged to a very white person with blond hair that the locals used to call him ALEMÃO, it was his nick name and the nick name that our population always use for those who are blond here.

When we do not have much time, I simply take the northern highways to the outskirts of Rio, heading the neighborhood of Bonsucesso, this is the fastest way to go there...but we all get surprised when we realize how we really get there...and this is the highlight of the day.

There is also another complete way to see the favela...we only use public transportation, a real lesson about urban brazilian life and the chance to see how much  their lives improved, and all the benefits this community conquered. We take the subway, then we go to the Grand Station Central do Brasil to take a suburban train to Bonsucesso and we finally make a connection with their cable cars!

If you love pets, then visiting Complexo do Alemão is a real challenge, you will want to take every pet we find home...I nearly took this one, you know that I love cats and this one was wondering in between our legs and he was our great company during lunch!

Yes, our visit to a Favela, you will meet people, you will talk with them and you will hear about many incredible life stories. My tours on Favelas are focus on the social side and the experience...we will eat their food and prepare your bellies because their food equals the best gastronomies of Europe, at least everything there is MUITO GOSTOSO!!! I mean, very tasty!!!

And talking about food....hhehehehehe :)))))) 

We love food...and brazilian cuisine has strong portuguese, african and indigenous influence...As I told you, with me you really go deeper in our culture and in our society. Home made, really home made; clean, honest, cheap and high quality. Our lunch can be really possible in a Favela Visiting...You is priceless to be part of our daily life and I do it with honor and passion.

Unni and Chris are wonderful globettroters and i was honored to welcome them...Real friends, people with big hearts and ready to see what's real in Brazil. We had fun and our tours had heaps of laughs! They are from the land of conquerors and adventurous travellers...NORWAY. Always pleased to welcome norwegian friends and I thank you for your confidence and friendship!

Let's make it possible when you contact me!!!


Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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