Saturday, March 2, 2013


I hope you had a great friday and now the weekend is here...Just be happy and enjoy the company with anyone you like. Here I am sure everyone must be in Copacabana jogging...walking in the beach promenade...keeping fit is religion here, hahahaha :)))) But the scenery inspires...Sugar Loaf can be seen, the blue Atlantic Ocean baths the white sand of Copacabana with violent big waves and the myst builds some interesting bodies' figure...stepping on the sand with your bare foot keeps you in touch with Mother Earth...simple things can be always magnificent here...Oh well, I just woke up very inspired after a intense week of tours, meeting so many different people, going everywhere and also facing the bad side of a big city with its endless traffic...I am fortunate because almost always I know how to escape...

I am okay with life...please do not find weird thinking that THIS IS THE TOUR GUIDE THAT YOU ARE GOING TO MEET...being with you here is simply fun and fun we are all going to prepared to stop in unusual is just part of the laughs we will have in any point of your day!!!

But a new week will people are coming...challenges will surprise me I am sure but I am not afraid...I just take a deep breath and I say to myself, I love life!!! So rare when you have a work that combines with your personal life when you really have big passion for it. I am in love with my work, I love dealing with people and this work gives me more friends. 

My last week was full of happiness with the sweet presence of my Norway's friends Chris and Unni...oh we went to the super local favela Complexo do Alemão where we met wonderful simple people with just one approach...WITH SOME TRUE SMILES!

Norway, United States, Argentina, Australia, Mongolia, Armenia, Sri matter where you come from...just be part of my endless friends' gallery...let's just enjoy every little moment of our lives together and let's have some fun!!! :))))))))

So my guests have to come all the is great to give them happiness and it is enormously important to get the happiness they give me!!! That is why in the end of each tour I say to each one: THANKS FOR THE OPPORTUNITY that you gave me to show you my land and all the secrets!

Oh well, this saturday somehow made me very very melancholic...but it is a mix of joy and gratitude...



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