Monday, March 25, 2013


I know, dear Reader, one more trip to Paraty and again few time to enjoy everything but it was a good time with great friends and also a time I need to rest...but it was again one more chance to see again places that I love and also to convince myself that life is not working full time like a japonese workaholic, I need to time for simply not doing anything special, just going with the flow! :)))))

I just got back from Paraty...It is one of our most important historical colonial cities...the place still preserves its glorious past with its cobble stone streets and barroc buildings. So many very old barroc churches that tells us how interesting was Brazil in the time of the GOLD RUSH and getting lost among the alleys is always a journey that makes you feel how precious this country is green environment with high mountains, endless forests and thousand of islands. Kind people who is not so worried about our busy life, everything there has a slow pace. 

Sometimes I just escape from the city to find some peace and also to have fun, at this time I went there with Marcone and my other great friends, the my wonderful cousins and amazing friends Sonia and Noeme and my canadian very good friend, she is almost a sister for me, Vanessa. We had an excellent time there! This was nearly a very close family gathering. 

Paraty means nature as many wild beaches...places still untouchable since the Portuguese Navigators time and one of my favorite places is Trindade...even when the weather is not so sunny, going to Trindade is always something so incredible to can be in touch with Nature and see so many amazing almost every beach there is always a clean river. so much fun is waiting for you when you come to Rio...

Ufff the water is certainly cold but the nature is always Escorrega waterfalls in the location of Penha, in a district in Paraty called Cunha; you can find so many trails in the nature...real jungle with wonderful natural is a WATER FESTIVAL. An amazing place where you can find a restaurant in the middle of the forest called Tarzan....for sure you should never miss to get to know the waterfalls of Paraty in any trip to Rio.

The historical town is a real festival of beauties and is a trip to the portuguese colonial past of Brazil. NO doubt that Paraty is one of the most important old town of Brazil, and being there having fun in every narrow street corner is priceless. Every trip to Parary is absolutely total fun.

For leisure and for work, Paraty is my passion and it is not so far from Rio City, 

Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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