Monday, February 4, 2013


Back to Ilha of the most beautiful places in the country....That means, the island is not only one of the main places to visit in Rio but when you are in the island you need to know that you are visiting one of the most fascinating places in Brazil...

I am so fortunate that Ilha Grande has to be part of my tours and I have several plans for us to enjoy the island and you will feel like a local...

This  weekend I went there TWICE...One to take our german friends Mathias and Tobias who love to dive, and Ilha Grande is one of the best scuba diving spots in the State of Rio...and the other visit was a whole day with our Missouri friends, Katie and Thomas which we had loads of fun as well.

But the first visit, Marcone and I took it to explore the island even more and we took a speed boat to see places in the island that we do not know yet...and during our lunch time we visited a village called SACO DO CÉU which still keeps the pace of a calm little fishing village that will give you an idea of Brazil stuck in time...And I took my chance to show you my biggest hobby: PHOTOGRAPHY that I am happy to share with you.

I am not a pro and my cameras are not the best cameras...this january I decided to play a little bit with my sepia resolutions and the idea was playing with lines, nature and trying to get the spirit of wilderness and simplicity.

Ilha Grande can be a wonderful playground for people into photography, I love so much what I do that I can spend the whole day!!!

Part of my photography inspirations were our new friends from Portugal, Miguel and Filipa that got to the island to spend some funny and sunny days, they gave me their joy and I could get the whole spirit of it...great smiles with nature.  We had fun and we had great food in the local restaurants. 

Marcone Lima is my everlasting adventure partner, wonderful character and diving nature lover and he always travels with me discovering new places to show you and he is also your tour guide, he will always be part of my team because of his knowledge, charisma and fantastic way to deal with people. It is impossible not to like him. He always inspires me to create new images!!!

I am training a great photographer...Marcone slowly are entering in the fascinating word of photography where we catch people and nature elements! He is the author of the first picture and this last one!!! :)

You are more than welcome to share very happy and unique moments in Brazil with us...Send me an email and let's see what we can do in Brazil.

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