Monday, February 4, 2013


I just got back from Ilha Grande where I regularly organize tours and I love doing it...It is simply my favorite place in the State of Rio...a paradise island, full of local places and also travellers from all over Brazil and all over the planet. 101 beaches to choose, lots of boat tour options which I usually take the one that covers half of the island, and covering half of the island is nothing easy as the name is a BIG ISLAND (roughly this would be our "LONG ISLAND"), but every corner reveals a secret, every little green spot brings you back to the PIRATE TIMES and every stop makes you think that you are in such a wild place and then you realize how incredible Brazil is....Myself as a brazilian, get simply impressed and I really believe in the strength of my land showing to the World our beauties, our colors, our personality. We have everything that we want when we leave our homes seeking for new adventures!

And in the same weekend, last sunday, 3rd of February, Marcone and I got back to the island...We love that, and I had for the second time  another chance to have Marcone with us and again, the fun was tremendous. We took part of a speed boat ride that visits many incredible parts of the Islands such as Lagoa Azul and Lagoa Verde and some secluded beaches and with a lovely stop in a local village called Saco do Ceu for lunch...the place for lunch is simply a wonderful way to follow coastal and fishing men daily life in one of the most remotes places in Rio de Janeiro, exploring Ilha Grande makes us to think about BRAZIL 500 years ago!!! :))))) And with a speed boat we cover more places and we share the boat with few people that instantly become our much fun...every stop you can use a snorkel to see life under the water, and this gives you such a peace and always increases your curiosity to see so many colors in the corals and also the incredible diversity of fish down under. 

It is possible to see the island in one day but it is always best to stay at least two days in the day to explore the island by the sea and another day to walk around, see the trails, enjoy the nature and admire the endless greenery of the island jungle. Ilha Grande is absolutely one of the most gorgeous places in the country. I am a big fan of Ilha Grande...

Just for you to have an my preferences about places that a visitor should never miss after visiting the whole city of Rio with me...

NUMBER ONE - ILHA GRANDE - The wonderful island!
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NUMBER TWO - PARATY - The historical heritage, the untouchable nature, wild mountains and more and more tropical incredible islands to visit.

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NUMBER THREE - BUZIOS - Trendy natural beach place...young and colorful people, great gastronomy and fun in the Peninsula

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I am proud to be Brazilian and I am happy to share with all visitors the joy of this land called BRAZIL. Ilha Grande is one of these places where Brazil will be wonderful for you!

Ilha Grande means a lot to is one of the many places where I understand what real Brazil is and for a nature lover like me, it is my personal paradise that I have the pleasure to share with all my friends!!! I am sending some pictures that I took in the island and this sunday I am taking more guests to the islands!

When you come to Rio, I want you to know that you will always find a friend! Someone who will give you the best.

Thank you very much, 

Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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