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One more tour giving to our visitor a very deep introduction of the city; more two wonderful friends to live in our hearts. Marcone introduces Rio to be always recorded in your memory as your home away from home. Marcone is a very complete tour guide that I always recommend to give the honors of our guests. Bejan and Francesca trusted us to have a big adventure in Brazil and we are showing much more of a place; we are showing our house. First day they had Marcone's signature, the rest of the days, this great people will be under my care!!! GET PREPARED!!!

SELARON STAIRS - Yesterday they visited Selaron Stairs, such a wonderful hand working of tyles; it was a great privilege to have met the artist; he was a good friend of mine and also super kind to all tour guides in Rio. I am pretty sure that every Carioca was proud of him and he changed the whole HISTORY of our oldest neighborhoods of Lapa and Santa Tereza. His work is unique and we need to preserve his legacy and I think it is really a must seeing his stairs which for me it is one of the symbols of my city!

In my blog I wrote more about Selaron and his stairs which became for us “the stairways to Heaven”, here is my favorite link -

And visiting my blog you help to increase the visits and feed my flag numbers which USA is the super number one!!

JOA BEACH – This is a stop in the private beach Joá is mandatory, few tourist and travellers know Rio in such a complete and unique way; some of the famous personalities in Rio live there, it is a wonderful hidden ocean spot where few people in Rio have access too. Dramatic cliffs, wonderful deep dark blue see that during the whale period we spot them going north for “love meetings” and to deliver their babies. Joa is a big surprise for the traveler because they never read about this place. The houses are lovely and luxurious. It is wonderful to take you there!

Joá is for sure one place that I adore going, I took so many pictures there, in my blog I have some good ones, please do not hesitate visiting this link - – I am sure you will recognize some photos and you will see some new ones of other places in the area.

NITEROI – OHHHHHH NITEROI…it is the place where I spend some of the most important years of my life; and of course it is  the second most important city of Rio de Janeiro State that once used to be the capital of the State when Rio was the capital of Brazil. Niteroi is a fantastic city out of Rio, super quiet, with friendly people and with unknown surprises that make every visitor way more in love with this first trip to Rio. Niteroi is a must see place that should be completely explored, the city had wonderful BaySide shore and the ocean side is absolutely amazing with wild beaches like Itacoatiara and Piratininga but visiting MAC MUSEUM where everybody go to see one of the most amazing projects of this glorious Brazilian personality, I do have some interesting pictures of this construction in my blog, you can open this link - and you will see some funny pictures registering so many dear moments and finally the incredible viewpoint of PARQUE DA CIDADE who holds (and nobody knows) the most magnificent sunset in the whole state of Rio de Janeiro. This place is part of our newest national park called SERRA DA TIRIRICA, it is the city’s paragliding school where we have so many great friends, for us it is a pleasure to take you there!
I have more good pictures of Parque da Cidade in my blog, please always visit this link -

So many thoughts about my super favorite place in Rio de Janeiro

I am always proud to know that in my sky of team members, Marcone is one of the most shining stars...So be sure that once you meet Marcone you will have your best experience in Rio guaranteed. Let's see Rio and find out a home in your life!

Marcone Lima is really in love with Rio and Brasil...he is a wonderful brazilian ready to give you some brazilian taste in your life!

Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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