Sunday, February 24, 2013


Even when I decide to take one day off, this sunday, I stop somewhere to learn more about my own people and discover new places. It is my traveller's eye...I saw a bunch of people gathering close to a bridge in my way to my Mother's House...suddenly I realize that I was in one more flea market in the outskirts of Rio...A cool place for us to understand the culture, to know what's going on in many different parts of my opwn society. My search to understand the language of my people.

Summer Sunday morning and a little crowd buying old is a daily life museum...Interesting quick stop to tell you how fascinating my Rio de Janeiro is. 

When you wonder alone to certain places it is hard to take pictures of yourself, specially in places where "taking pictures" are not so common, sometimes people sell things that they do not want to be exposed, so you need to be discreet...but it was an attempt to show that I was in one of the very hidden market in the city...In the harbor area of Rio which we call as "CAIS DO PORTO", in the district of São Cristovão! :)

Going deep into Rio's in the outskirts...harbor area....diversity...simple people...lots of stories to hear...many ways to understand brazilian life... where is it???? Well... São Cristovão!

This is what moves me, dear Reader, showing you what mostly of the time you never see when you come to Rio...being your friend who will show you anything to guarantee a special stay in Brazil! :)

Showing you the simple Brazil makes your trip grand...showing you places that you will never find in travel books...

A simple free day and less than two hours you find so much to do!!!

I am always happy to share my brazilian impressions with you!

Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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