Thursday, January 31, 2013


Rescue????  hahahahahahaha Yes, it is true...when some of my guests agree to go to the spectacular viewpoint in Niteroi and jump with great instructors and good friends from a cliff using a paraglyding...So I take Luciano strong and gorgeous Land Rover to bring my people back to the summit, and we get to know part of the jungles in Rio and we also have the great opportunity to know a different daily life of Rio.

One Rio de Janeiro far from the buzz in Copacabana...a rural side of our State that very few travellers and visitors know!

Everything is possible thanks to the help of a very experienced pilot, Luciano Miranda, he is the head master of the paraglyding association in Niteroi.

I had the great opportunity to show to my Stugart Friends Matthias and Tobias my favorite spot in Rio, the viewpoint of Parque da Cidade. We scheduled two jumps and they saw the beauties of Rio from such amazing angles. 

Safety and adventure are waiting for you in Niteroi....

Simply 36 years of experience, wisdom and adventure. Luciano offers an impossible to forget adventure in the skies of Rio. 

Thanks Luciano to add joy, adventure and emotions to my work! :))))

Well, with such a majestic do not need to do the classical tour like going to Sugar Loaf...Better going to places difficult to reach and this is my specialty. To give you unique places to your travel list. I am here also with my team to give you the real spirit of Rio and a local way of travelling.

Join us in this adventure, we are waiting for you!!!

Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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