Thursday, January 31, 2013


Dear Reader...I know you just got here to know more about my tours, but my blog is also my space to express my thoughts, feelings and to talk about people who have great importance in my life. And today I feel like writing about someone who is very present in my life and this person lives in my heart!!! :) She is one of the treasures of the brazilian amazon region. She is the pearl of Maranhão, lovely State upnorth that gave me unique people, like Marcone, like Mayara, like Poliane, like Laura, like Taryana and so many people that I love.

But Shintia has a enormous meaning in my life....I know I can count on her here in Rio and also in the most remote places of our Amazon. I visit her up there and she comes to see me in the main door of our lovely country which is RIO.

It is a special event for me to talk about her because Shintia is now living a special moment...She is going to marry a good friend of mine, Hervanio; they are both important lawyers in the State of Maranhão and I love meeting them when they have holidays and we explore isolated places in the north of Brazil such as an endless complex of rivers, lagoons and mangroves of Cururupu. 

As usual, exploring places that are never mentioned in travel books and these are places that I can take you if we organize a wonderful trip to the Amazon.

In every trip we take we follow closely the reality of our own people, we find different images of a Brazil that even the brazilians never think about visiting. Lands were just being outdoors are such a big event in some villages that we simply visit because of a local boat stop. It is a deep voyage to our wonderful country that keep us always in the same level of curiosity and mutual admiration. 

Shintia and Marcone have a lovely land called Maranhão, full of mistery and beauties...full of wild places to discover. 

My wonderful sister (she is so much my friend that I have her as my sister), be sure that I love you dearly, either here in Rio or in your State, gorgeous Maranhão where the ocean and the Amazon meets, you can always count on me, and my posting in my blog is a tribute for the marvelous person that you are!

Congratulations for thjis new period of your life, all my best wishes for this important step in your life! Just want you to know that you are very special to me!

Thank you very much, 

Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner


Teacher Shintia said...

I loved it so much, my friend! It's my pleasure to be your friend. I am very proud of you. You must to know this. I love you! Thank you so much for the beautiful words!!

Teacher Shintia said...
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