Saturday, January 26, 2013


That is what makes Rio special...while most of my friends in the North Hemisphere of this Planet must be shoveling the snow, I am here in Copacabana enjoying the Summer and when it is too hot at home, I just walk few blocks and I can swim a little in one of the World Famous Beach. Though it is not the most beautiful beach in the country but it is quite iconic and it is really pleasant simply going out with friends and take the like in the most positive way...We just went down to the beach to sip some super delicious coconut water and I jump into the water. 

And this is a normal  thing to you can see I was not the only one....

Rio's people are super outdoor and here you see people late at night...We are late people, we hate to go to bed earlier...Life has to be enjoyed night and day!!!

Nowadays that drinking Coca Cola is forbidden, according to the Fitness Dictatorship, it is never a bad idea to get together with great friends...Here you can see Marcone and I with our cousins and best friends Sonia and Noeme, playing cards (to be price, playing UNO - the card game created in Ohio, 1971) and drinking Coconut Water (this is largely allowed by the FITNESS DICTATORSHIP!) which is very hydrating and great for hang over...ATENTION DRINKERS!!! :)

Just simple things in life can make all the difference...

As you know, dear Reader, my blog is not only about tours or travel is my space where I express my thoughts, feelings and great things about life!

Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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