Monday, January 7, 2013


We always love to welcome great friends when they visit us in Rio and this meeting had a very special reason. It is a meeting of great travel experts to discuss the future of new travellers coming to Rio and make the city and also the country of Brazil easy and special for every one. Marcone and I had the honor to meet this morning one of the biggest names of World Travel, the family Jonathan and Daniel. This friendship was everlasting sealed this morning, starting in the bohemian and absolutely cute neighborhood of Santa Tereza and with a grand finale in the city where I was raised: NITEROI.

We chose the unknown and absolutely gorgeous viewpoint of Parque da Cidade at Viração Mountain Range, a place where you see how magic Rio is and also a spot where you understand that Niteroi can make your trip to our Rio so special and absolutely unique.

The four of us want to make RIO authentic and REAL for you!!!

A visit to Rafa's land always had to be special and as we want to make Rio different among the places you choose to travel, thanks to my friend and instructor Alexandre, we provided a new angle of Rio in this visit. Jonathan jumped from the hill of Parque da Cidade. It is a wonderful experience as usual that any one with good sense of adventure and health in the heart can do! :) I highly recommend a flight in Rio in the hands of Alexandre and his associates. I am sure that this morning was so unforgetable for all of us!!!

Alexandre is a great friend of mine full of kindness, good heart and energy. He feeds the adrenaline of many people in Niteroi for many years, very talented and experienced and he is our representative in Niteroi. I highly recommend you to see a different Rio with him. This is one of the people I can count with to make your visit unique and absolutely special. We always use his services. Alexandre is the person we trust and the person that will be one more friend you will have in Brazil!!! :)

Of course, as you know, I AM NOT A NORMAL tour guide...Oficially I am a licensed tour guide but I like to be your best friend in Brazil and when I have my guests, they always belong to a famous gallery that I have on FACEBOOK. So for you to understand why we cry so much, you have to friend me there. But this little indigenous boy is becoming famous and my guests CELEBRITIES.

Jon and Daniel came with me to Santa Tereza and now they are part of this weird and funny family!

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