Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Ahhhhhhh one year starting and Carnaval is in the air...February is coming closer, but we can find PARTY TIME in every neighborhood of Rio, specially in the quadras of many samba schools. Music, DRUMS...smiles...all kind of dances and people in extasis...Get prepared because I am here to take you to the hottest Carioca Way of Life...The Samba...the heart beating of Rio everywhere...In the streets, in the Ensaios, a full complete journey to the Brazilian Culture. YES...IF YOU REALLY WANT THE REAL EXPERIENCE, I AM HERE TO INTRODUCE YOU A WORLD OF JOY AND LOTS OF FUN!!!

Well, it is hard to say that it is my work. My passion for Rio is genuine, it is my people, my hood!!! I am so happy that my work is a combination of total pleasure and pride to be what I am...a brazilian who love to be Brazilian. And we can start this wonderful journey to the Brazilian Culture visiting Samba Schools, or when february is close in the many blocos (street parties) all around Rio specially in Copacabana, Ipanema, Santa Tereza and Lapa.

OUR NIGHT TOUR WILL TAKE YOU TO ALL THESE FUNNY SECRETS OF RIO DE JANEIRO....You will see your mouths smiling more than usual that is for sure!

But do you think it is enough???? Oh no!!! Just be brave because the brazilian party will have to continue...And do not eat anything...because after the Samba we are going to the largest public market in Rio de Janeiro...A place full of tradition, a place where food is plenty with some genuine and authentic restaurant showing the best food from so many remote places of my Brazil. Not only food, but more music, more incredible genuine crafts to buy.

One night for you to experience REAL BRAZIL, one night for you to understand why we are so friendly and how we care about our happiness!!!

Nordeste means North-East and Nordeste is one of the five regions of Brazil...Despite of the progress of our country, this region is still the poorest region in Brazil, so massive people left their lands to try a good chance in the big cities, and Feiras like Feira de São Cristovão or Feira do Nordeste are the place where people from all the States of Nordeste (9 states in total) get together to celebrate their traditions, their music (forró) and where they can buy all the ingredients for their food which we call it as COMIDA NORDESTINA.

So a real lesson of Brazilian life in a night tour...what are you waiting for!!!??? :)

For sure, lots of fun, lots of great photos and one Brazil that you will never expect to find!

Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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