Tuesday, December 25, 2012


The first time we stayed there, we felt such a large welcome from the staff in the very first moment...Lovely colonial building when Pelourinho Area and Saude used to be the center of life in Salvador. The Barroc complex of Barroco na Bahia is part of the city's heritage and part of the history of the city; that makes this Cottage such a wonderful place to stay. Our first visit was memorable and I always wanted to come back and we did. 

I am also a tour guide in the city of Salvador, capital of beautiful Bahia State. it is the first capital of Brazil since the time of portuguese colonization until 1763; now Salvador is one of the most interesting cities in Brazil, so diverse and colorful scenery, incredible food and wonderful History. A real mix between races, so musical and the city give you the real taste of Brazilian Hospitality, and I am sure that Hans and his team will make you feel at home in your first visit in Salvador.

Marcone and I spent three nights there as we need to be in Salvador and visit all the places that I once visited because I was in charge of welcoming my american visitors, I work in the travel business, so it is always important to know more about the place, much more than a single visitor. 

And the place gave me all the quietness and peace that I need to write my emails and blogs and at the same time to have fun in Salvador which for me it is simply one of the most interesting cities in Brazil. Privacy is absolutely guaranteed in Barroco na Bahia, you really feel that you are in a old farm, it really gives you the feeling that you are in a royal summer residence, once you enter in the house, all the confusion, noisy and craziness of a big city simply desappear. 

It is a corner of peace and relaxation...the best way to organize your itinerary in the city...

Very close to you is Pelourinho a feel blocks away...not so far from Bonfim, the nice restaurants of Montserrat and easy access to the rest of the city by car and by taxi.

The experience was so wonderful that we got back to Pousada for more three nights last December. I saw Hans again with his same smile in the face, and he knew already which room is my favorite and I had the same fantastic experience!

Great location, absolutely efficient service, spacious and clean rooms, very pleasant garden, you breath history everywhere! We specially loved to spend our few free hours in the afternoon under the pleasant shades of very old and generous mango trees. Every breakfast we had mango juice straight from the back yard!

Everytime that we stay at Pousada Barroco na Bahia we always have the warm welcome of the owner, the cultural promoter Hans; and our friends Ricardo and Vicente which I love to talk about the newest happenings in Salvador, but it is always wonderful to be taken care of by someone who is really a "MOTHER" for us in every visit!!!

Ivonete works at the place and she makes sure all the time if you are confortable, she did not mind my picky attacks like refusing to eat DUCK EGGS (yes the place is full of funny and gorgeous ducks) and orange juice with absolutely no fibers...she kindly comes to be every morning with my favorite fry eggs (chicken eggs, always!). She arranges everything for you to feel like home, she leaves our rooms absolutely clean and she knows a lot of insider information about Salvador.

She has the generous spirit of Bahia and I hope Hans keeps her forever!!! She is our Queen!!! LONG LIFE TO IVONETE!!!

I could never forget to mention the ducks in the property which is a lovely attraction apart...This gives us a sensation that by crossing the door we turn back time where life was slow, the clock watch was not so demanding and reminds us that we have the right to feel lazy every now and then.

Thanks a lot for all the great reception, thank you folks for such a wonderful welcome and you can be sure that always when I travel I search for places that I feel at home and staying in Pousada Barroco na Bahia is really a remarkable experience!

Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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