Monday, December 24, 2012


Add some pieces of energy, then put all your happiness, you will get started....after that, get together all your passion and love for life....THERE YOU GO...You will have Carnaval in your heart and we visit one of the factories of this endless happiness...And you can witness the making off. You can be part of this wonderful energy by visiting a real samba community in the outskirts of Rio.

I am so happy with my work, I am a tour guide but not a regular tour guide...I like to take my guests and friends which I prefer to say, to the authentic places where they can experience the spirit of a place they want to visit in Brazil. I am based in Rio, the first land of Carnaval among so many brazilian cities where Carnaval is amazing.

But visitors should understand the magic of Carnaval where everything is made....they should see what is behind of the most fascinating party in the World...We visit a SAMBA SCHOOL, in a genuine community of Rio and in this case we always choose (specially on sundays) to visit RAMOS, in the fascinating IMPERATRIZ LEOPOLDINENSE Samba School.

It is a very traditional neighborhood in the suburbs of Rio, most of the cases, suburbs in Rio are the poorest zones of the town, but in this case Ramos also hold very old portuguese dwellers that make the blocks in the area quite nice with big houses, but Ramos is also a place where SAMBA was born, it is birth of traditional samba roots like CACIQUE DE RAMOS...the very beggining of this samba school.

I had the honor to take many guests in their neighborhood and recently my friends from San Diego, Zina and Jacob, great travellers very curious about Brazilian Culture.

No risks, just happiness; no crime just smiles; no sadness, simply no time for it. Going to a Samba School Rehearsal, or in portuguese, going to ENSAIO DE ESCOLA DE SAMBA; makes you forget about anything negative. Visiting IMPERATRIZ is the meeting with happiness and joy. It is a way for you to meet people, it is an opportunity for you to understand the magic of Samba in Rio.

When you visit a Samba School that means that you will visit THE QUADRA, it is a space where they start training the whole coreagraphy of the big SAMBA NIGHT in Sambodromo, it is a space where people know how to act in the big competition. it is a whole preparation for one of the big spectacle on Earth.

All this is simply the big preparation for something grand...for the conservative guests who are reading my blog for the first time, I apologize the picture where the girl is quite comfortable dancing; but take it as part of our lovely and happy culture and also for the record, this is what we call "dental floss", hahahahaha :)))))

But that's how it is......this is the SAMBA FACTORY, the way you can see how things are done....

And the result....

Beautiful colors, a great party where all the country and all the World is involved. Imperatriz Leopoldinense is one of the main samba schools in Rio and I am always happy to take all my friends to experience what life really happens!

COME TO EXPERIENCE SAMBA...COME TO WITNESS AN UNIQUE PARTY...Again, when you come to Rio, only visiting is not the right thing to've got to go deep in our culture and then you will really find out a home away from home!


Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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