Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Our Big Group from Semester at Sea

We never notice how colorful our day in Rio can be...full of lively color, made by men, naturally designed by nature and when you explore the city you will be surprise how joyful and lively your tour in Rio can be...So I decided to create a tour where we will see life in Rio in a colorful way...the colors of the tyles that only our SUPER ARTIST Selaron can give us...His wonderful work of years making this piece of Lapa one of the most interesting places in the World. One person's labor and the grace of many visitors that come to Rio and bring him tyles from their own lands.

I have the pleasure to take my guests and also my colleagues Marcone and Sonia to show our guests such a magic World of Colors in just one day in Rio!!!

In this day we can also add our own colors visiting the various public markets of Rio specially if we choose a weekend where visiting the FASCINATING UNIVERSE of Feira Nordestina where we learn more about Brazilian Culture, where we meet funny people and if we buy any of the souvenirs we can also take funny COLORFUL pictures.

I have friends in the market who have a studio where people can take funny pictures of famous brazilian legends like the Great Gang of Lampeão, a sort of Robinwood Brazilian Version that lived in the north east of Brazil in the 30's. And you can set your creative soul free, you just have to pay some few dollars and then you can be whatever you want to be!

I visit the studio often with my guests and friends and we laugh alot all the time we spend some minutes there.

So, a day with colors can continue with the colors we want for our lives!!! And visit Rio is much more than doing tourism, visiting Rio is taking part of the daily life!!!

And the magic of colors in this specific tour continues...we will visit the incredible neighborhoods filled with grafitti, I love doing it, so I took my maltese friend Leon and my Aussie friend Sandy to have some fun in the streets of Santa Tereza, Lapa and even some of the famous favelas of Rio!!!

The city is living a COLORFUL PERIOD, in the schools we are teaching our children to do beautiful art in specific places in the city, so we are just taking advantage of this so positive period of safety and creativity that we are living in Rio!

Of course when you take part of THE TOUR OF COLORS, you will be part of the CRYING NATIVE BABY GALLERY OF PHOTOS in my facebook which is becoming a funny tradition in Rio, if you want to learn more about this gallery, please add me on FACEBOOK, you can find me if you search for the email that I use there which is

The next step will be exploring the COLORS OF THE NATURE. Rio has so many parks, so many wild places, a wonderful Botanical Garden, residences of important botanists which are open for the public.

I am a Nature Addicted and I love taking my guests to the greenest spots of Rio and also all over Brazil, and the colors of the Nature can be part of your day. More than 12 years working hard to give you the best of Brazil...but it is not over yet, I have more to tell you about THE TOUR OF COLORS IN RIO.

And the grand finale is always with THE COLORS OF BEAUTY of the whole region. Rio with its beauty will dictate the colors of your day. Your free spirit will give the best colors of this different way to see Rio. Just like my brazilian guests could experience and also my polish cousins Paulinha and Pawel, wonderful friends and guests who are now living in England!

Well...come and join us, just myself, my team and the folks of AnyRoad can offer this unique opportunity.

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