Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Dear Reader, YES...these are your tour guides in Rio!!! :))))) No no no no...we are not crazy (maybe a little...), we are not sad we just want "something so badly", you know when you are a child and you want something so badly and your mother refuses to give you and then you start a petty quarrel or you simply get OUT OF SPITE!!!???

This is a hidden, secret and funny corner of our oldest neighborhood in Rio, taking this picture is a sort tradition that a real carioca like me just found out...All my guests, or at least most of them go to Santa Tereza and symphatize with the little native boy's PIRRAÇA...

So funny, so genuine and we are all part of this great joke and we have the best memories of our trip!!! :))))

This is also a wonderful chance for you to EXPRESS YOURSELF!!! A chance for you to kill YOUR SHYNESS, a chance for you to protest for everything you do not agree, for everything that you do not think right.

And I had the fantastic prestige to welcome the members of the great World Voyage organized by SEMESTER AT SEA, this people are travelling for a long time on board of MV EXPLORER - their webpage is - we had 30 new friends and my wonderful guides and magical references in my life, Marcone and Sonia, and we made this complete and funny day possible!!!

THE WHOLE IDEA IS NOT CRYING BECAUSE OF SADNESS...the idea is putting out of you all the bad feelings and all the bad energy that we might have or simply GO WITH THE FLOW!!! You know, you can expect everything when you are touring with RAFA and his friends!!!

Patricia just joined the sweet crazyness of Rio!!! :))))

What a wonderful group we just had...a tour full of laughs, a tour full of information and a tour full of friendship!!! It was so incredible to see our folks playing like children and this is what makes life so special, thank you very much for everything!!!

Here we see Sergio also protesting and crying like a MUMMY BABY, hahahahaha...this character from our smiley State of Ceará joined us and helped me with all his energy together with Patricia to organize one of the most interesting groups in my whole career!!! :) THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOLKS FOR ALL THE FRIENDSHIP AND CONFIDENCE!

Crying and also most of the time laughing!!!! Marcone and I will always be here to welcome you!!! We are just waiting more people to have fun in Rio with us!!! :)

Rafael Torres Lopes
Marcone Lima

Tour Guides and Tour Planners
Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

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