Thursday, November 8, 2012


I am not in Dominican Republic!!! :))))) I am in Rio...I just wrote alot about this wonderful country because I have very dear people in this wonderful place. And I had the great pleasure to show my Rio and my Niteroi for these GOOD LIFE DIVAS!!!! :)

Being at Parque da Cidade, one of the most fascinating surprises in the surroundings of Rio and we had more fun exploring the wonderful secrets that Rafa only knows!

We were in charge to show our dominican girls the REAL BRAZILIAN LIFE...and Marcone and I really know where to take our people to experience the real local flavour, they learn about our daily life, our stories, our music and our art! Our african and indigenous heritage have a lot in common with Dominican Republic. Sure we all had heaps of fun together!!!!

When  you travel, you want to be in touch with the local culture, you want to know more about the heart of the place. You want to observe closerly what people do and live their lives. Coming to Rio is not only visiting the beaches and dance Carnaval, it is time for you to experience the soul of Rio, and Santa Tereza, our oldest neighborhood has a lot to show us! And we love street art!!! :)))))

Our tour is based on true friendship, laughs, good fun and high energy. I think that travelling is a privilege and we have to take the best of everything we do...Sometimes just visiting a regular neighborhood can make your whole trip. We stop to talk with normal people, we hear their stories and wisdom  The tours is based on friendship, when you come to Rio you will know that you have real friends. The tour is based on people. We are very informal, I have to tell you!!! So be prepared to meet your brazilian relatives!

Thanks my girls for making my tours absolutely happy and fantastic!!!!

They left Rio with a taste for a second time, third time...they left Rio knowing that they do have real friends and a real family in Brazil. We laughed, we played, we cried (it was hard to say GOOD BYE) and we will make Brazil simple for Dominicans and all people in the World, and they will make DOMINICANA simple for all of us!!!

They came to Rio de Janeiro and gave us their beauty, charming presence and high humour....GIRLS WE LOVE YOU!!!!

Rafael Torres Lopes
Marcone Lima

Tour Guides and Travel Planners

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Anonymous said...

Well, before going to RIO I had huge expectations about it because going there is HUGE.
Rafa and Marcone made my vacations better that could imagine, these guys were the best thing happened during the time there.
We went excelent places with amazing views, great food, charming people and more...
Anything I can write here its nothing compare to the way I felt at "Cidade Maravilhosa"
Now I'm crazy in love for them because they ROCK!!!
XOXO, Melissa...