Thursday, November 8, 2012


I feel so "cheposo" (lucky) to be so involved with Latin American Culture since I was born because in my whole life I come across with marvelous people, I usually learn new cultures, new way of life, new places and I realize that we are all the same. Recently I welcome a very warm hearted group of four dominican girls that changed our lives, literally. They asked me to give them a real idea about Rio, a place out of the tourism industry, something that I could give like a very local experiences, places where just our people go...A CARIOCA TOUR, and I turned up very DOMINICANO. I immediately thought that it would be a super great opportunity to Marcone, he needed a caribbean flavour in his life, now we are all CONTAGIOUS CARIBBEAN FELLOWS!!! :)

They came into our lives and they stayed...

Franchy, Melissa and Ariana, the Female Version of the 3 Mosqueteers and our Female Dartagnan is my wonderful friend Dulce which is not in the picture because she was the photographer all the time. But the four of them were the result of so much love, curiosity, knowledge, admiration that I was had for Republica Dominicana.

They are naturally my MAMAJUANA - a Dominican Drink that gives you energy in all ways that you can think about!!! HAHAHAHAHA  :)))))

Well, Just think about it...Christoph Colombus settled this land that later was called America...Can you imagine how absolutely shocked he got after seeing so many incredible wilderness, so much beauty that can scare any one who are not used to see beautiful things...AND DOMINICAN REPUBLIC keep on impressing people!!!

This land gave to our 3 Americans the first city...Santo Domingo....packed with history, lots of incredible historical monuments giving to this caribbean journey a little taste of Spain of more than 500 years ago. A city full of smiley and welcoming people, so friendly and full of joy. Santo Domingo is a gate of a world of dreams. 

Just like the big mistake of thinking that Copacabana is all you will find in Rio, and Punta Cana is all you find in is much more than that...Not only visiting the country, you've got to meet the soul of the island and find yourself jumping from rock to rock in the Damajagua 27 holes, better known as Charcos de Damajagua; spend days and says at Samaná where you can actually see the whales, getting to the interior of the country by exploring the Nature Reserve of Ojos Indigenas and go to the super wild Dominicana around the Lake Enriquillo. 

We think it is just an island, but this island is huge and has another name...HISPANIOLA, and just like its europpean Mother Land, Dominicana gave to the World Fascinating hands that picture daily life, express culture, feelings and endless colors, thanks to Bolivar Quiñones, Dominican Republic conquered a place of the most interesting paintings in the World.

And Dominican Republic provokes new painters and very new names like the remarkable Magaly Gouveia that knows how to portrait people so well, that her paintings look like real photography and Sandra Palmer, she is not dominican, but she knows how to display the magic of dominican birds. Sandra is from Switzerland and lives in Florida, USA!

My name is Rafael Torres Lopes, all my friends and guests call me RAFA. I am a tour Guide for 13 years now. I am based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and I want to make Latin America easy for you. I am a natural traveller and I do love researching new places, and I can see a wonderful future for DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, I am in charge to promote this wonderful land to my fellow brazilians and all my contacts in the States, Europe and Australia.

It is absolutely necessary to start your trip in Latin America where everything is time to turn the eyes of the World to our Continent. And Brazil and Domincan Republic is a good combination, from Playa Rincon to Itacoatiara Beach, from the explosive merengue to the fascination of Samba; from the MAMAJUANA to Cachaça; from the Guavaberry to Caipirinha.

SOMOS LATINOS and we want you in our universe!!!!

Thanks to my Dominican Girls, I had the chance to feel that I have a family in DOMENICANA. I am part of this DOMINICAN HAPPINESS. I accept the challenge to work hard to promote this wonderful island which is a country in Brazil and North America. Thanks to my brilliant girls Melissa, Franchy, Ariana and Dulce I had the honor to meet another fanatic dominicano, the Ambassador Hidalgo Guzman who carries his country in his soul and who gives you the heart of this Caribbean Jewel. We will be together in the Dominican's National Day on the 27th of February in a huge party in Rio de Janeiro!



Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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