Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Marcone and I are tour guides for a long time. I am a tour guide for 13 years now and our smiley Marcone is a tour guide for 4 years and he is part of my team and I am so proud of it. Our work has given so many wonderful people and I have made friends for life. And one tiny island from the Caribbean, actually the most significant one, the one who gave to this continent the first city of all Americas...REPUBLICA DOMINICANA. Yes, this little island gave me 4 wonderful sisters, my wonderful friends that I trully love, I am so grateful for my work that gives me the best people in the World and I am very fortunate that I only come across to gorgeous people from all over the World.

We spend lots of days together and I was lucky to show these 4 little girls the best of my land and they gave me their heart: MELISSA, FRANCHY, ARIANA and DULCE, the sweetest, hahahahahahah :)))))

I know that those who understand Dominican Spanish (which is really a mistery) will be shocked but it was a CACAO JOURNEY!!! :)

Melissa...well, some months ago she contacted me with a lot of formalities...Estimado Sr. Rafael and she finished her messages, CORDIALMENTE...Something like " DEAR SIR" and then "Yours Sincerely"....At the right moment that we met it was HOOOOOOOLA RAFA...DAME UN BESO...HOOOOOOLA MELISSA, BELLAAAAAAA!!!

We loved each other A LOS GRITOS!!! :)))))) And I found a wonderful friend, someone that I know I always count with, and we did a lot together. She is the one who deeply represent all the TOURISM in Dominican Republic and she is my precious contact in Santo Domingo. 

We will make Rio de Janeiro and Santo Domingo twin cities and we will help our lands to be promoted all over the World. And I will help her to make you find out the genuine and most precious corner of Brazil and our tiny little (but with giant hearts) island DOMINICANA.

Ariana...she is the "Latin Bete Midler"...5 minutes with her, it is guaranteed that you will have your pants wet, hahahahaha :)))) She has the gift of the Word USAGE...she has brilliant brain and also joined the group to attend a very important LATIN AMERICAN TOURISM MEETING held in Rio and I am so honored to be the person in charge to introduce her my city! She was part of the gang and either in Rio and Niteroi, we had lots of fun. She came to Rio to show to "us" Brazilians, the culture, the traditions, the happiness and the beauties of Dominican Republic. 

She is the pearl of Santiago de los Caballeros from the magical island of Dominicana...I think it is too formal to call it Republic, specially because Franchy is from the Carnaval land of her country!!! So I will always refer to her country as DR or Dominicana! She is such a wondderful friend, someone I admire and someone I will always take care. We are strongly commited to show to the World that Latin America has a great future in the Tourism Industry and I had the honor to take her and all my Dominican Sisters to my homeland in Niteroi. 

Dulce is a spanish word that means "sweet" and the translation could never be so appropriate. My charming clever and so practical. She helped with the logistic of her country presentation in the Conference, she was the one who made sure that everything worked well during the days of the Conference and that made Dominican Republic one of the most popular stand among all other countries from Latin America. And I have a place in her heart, I have a shelter in her shoulders. Great friend, wonderful person and priceless friend!!!!!

This is the miracle of my job, this is the pleasure of embracing the wonders of our Continent. Our big effort to make our lands easy for you to visit and feel yourself at home!


Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner


Muchas Gracias todos mis amigos de Dominicana, gracias por el cariño, por las risas, por las locas noches, gracias por el cariño, gracias por dar mas MERENGUE a mi latino corazon que tambien late por ustedes!!!


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