Tuesday, November 6, 2012



It is a place for Nature Lovers...It is a place to live your freedom, it is a place to relax and forget about all problems...I go to Buzios a is my place of work, it is my place for leisure. Only two hours from Rio, easy to go there. We all love Buzios and we all adore the beaches there!

Buzios is a place to take special people. Abra from Ohio is a big fan of Buzios and the one who always send me wonderful people from the States. She is the BRAZIL'S REPRESENTATIVE in USA, BUT SHE knows that her home is here! She is special and we always miss her a lot. Abra is one of my best friends in the World and I do enjoy showing her every new place when she comes to Brazil! :)

Buzios is one of our dearest places for holidays and I am so happy that you are going to visit too!!! We will have fun, lots of fun. Wilderness, the coast of Buzios is amazing, the beaches are stunning and lots of people everywhere. Very trendy place, it is a pety that you only have one day, Buzios is a gastronomy center in Brazil, wonderful restaurants from the tasty Brazilian food to the international cuisine…Food for all demanding tastes. It is wonderful to experience Buzios and I will be honored to share everything that I know about Buzios!

When you come to Brazil from the will visit several gorgeous places of our coast. And Buzios is one the most charming beach villages of Rio State. YES YOU WILL BE IN RIO!!!
So it is important to know that Rio de Janeiro is a city and also gives the name of our State...Exactly like New York City and New York State but the only difference is that Rio is the capital of our State. Also, for your information Brazil has 27 states plus the capital Brasilia which does not deserve a visit...if you know what I mean...too boring!!!

But Buzios will be your first stop in Rio and I will be there to meet you. Also my team will be there to give us a lot of assistance.

We will always be in Buzios before the ship's arrival and the meeting point will be in the local pier which qhite small so be prepared for some lack of can be a fast and calm process of it can be a ghastly chaos...but you will have all the cell phone of our team.

Arraial do Cabo is a super unique surprise when we go to Buzios...two different villages but very closer to each other...It is one of the places in Brazil that you can still experience exactly like the first portuguese settles saw when they reached our coast 500 years ago!

As for our short adventure...

I will try to be intense and do different things with you...we will drive to a neighrbor city called Arraial do Cabo where we will take a little boat...I probably be wondering: Oh Boy...after hours in a ship what a hack wi I be doing in a fishing boat????
The best way to explore the very unique places in this area will be really using boats....and we will see a wonderful lpreserved area the sea..a desert beacb where we can jump in the water and this water is soooooo so so blue that reminds the pristine and turquoise caribbean beaches and then we will also see the dramatic rocks heading to the blue caves.

That is Abra again...She is very present in my tours and she knows where to go in Brazil and one of the reason she comes is that she will meet Marcone and me. By the way Marcone is my super great friend and also one of my best tour guides; she loves the floating restaurant in Arraial.

I know that you eat alot in the boat but for our day in Buzios try not to eat that much and set yourself free in this fascinating world of good food that Brazil is!!! :)

This is where I plan to finish our day. And do not worry about the way back..we will be back in Buzios with time for you to embark in your ship.

I am sure we will have lots of fun!!! LET'S THE GOOD LIFE ROLL!!!

Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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