Saturday, October 27, 2012


Since I started writing my blog, dear Reader, I decided never to use I do apologize my "pillow face", I just woke up in this foggy morning of 27th of October in one of the most fascinating colonial town of Brazil!!!!

YES!!!!! I AM BACK TO PARATY WITH ONE MORE TOUR...Again with Marcone and my lovely guests from New York which I will soon introduce to you...As I always do, I always try a different place to stay and this time, I am a little far from the historical center, I picked up a place where I could be out of bed with the sounds of bird and I could not be more mistaken...A rooster kept of singing all night long!!!!!! Well, taking the fact that we got here almost 4:00 am after driving since midnight in the curving road of Rio-Santos...I have to confess that I was not so happy with this rooster.

We say GALO in Portuguese....

Anyway...the first morning light just came out and by 9:00 am I decided to walk in the property and the name POUSO DOS SAÍRAS was more than correct...lots of happy singing birds everywhere, and Saira is one of the blue tanagers so common in the tropical forests of Rio State. I saw also lots of parrots!!!

The houses are spacious, coming to Pouso dos Sairas is like visiting a relative who has a big green property with nice houses. We are hosted at room 5, super nice room with a small kitchen and pristine bath room. I really like it...No luxury at all but lots of comfort and facilities. 

No swimming pool...well, we are in Paraty all surrounded by beautiful beaches, wonderful islands and lots of waterfalls in the jungle...So pools are not so necessary everywhere you stay. But for those who love plants, POUSO DOS SAÍRAS is a nice choice!

We are paying less than 60 USD a day, so the price is quite fair, it is a price for two people, the onwer Ney is sooo friendly, he really make us feel at home. Very pleasant ambience and I would highly recommend this cottage as one of the greatest options when you think about places to stay!

This is just the first day and this visit of Paraty is very special...I am with a very dear friend from Queens, Jon who brought her sweet mother June in a wheel chair...Challenging and fascinating task to do...We will put all our heart in this short trip to the past and to the Nature of this piece of Brazil.


Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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