Sunday, October 28, 2012


Any one who paints cats have my total admiration and all my respect right away!!! I am a cat person and I am a great fan of local artists everywhere I go. I love when people give their soul to express love for nature, love for the land and when people express the best of their sentiments and make it clear to us using a lot of colors. From this simple art (which I think it is not exactly "simple") it is possible to explain what a place is all about. 

Paraty also breathes art and culture...well...400 years of history...400 years living with people from all over the World...a massive region full of native population and a super green area full of nature resources...beaches, ocean, islands, portuguese heritage, green mountains, old portuguese farms, waterfalls, diverse wild life...a real Paradise!

I was blessed to come across with the colours of Luis Murce, a very sensitive and full of imagination local painter. With joy in his heart he shows the amazing diversity of species that Paraty has, same nature that we need to preserve. From his simple art we can understand more of brazilian legends, daily life and the magic and humble life of Caiçara People.

Luis came from Tijuca and had chosen Paraty to shown his art for all visitors and we should support him. The colours of Paraty and best memories that we have here should be present in our homes...somewhere in one empty wall in our living rooms, it is nice to have a joyful blue macaw happily saying good morning for us in our bathroom or a multi-colored toucan fullfilling with life our living room, making Brazil present in each moment of our normal and fast life.

I adore animals, I deeply respect the forces of Nature...and the art of Luis Murce goes deeply in my thought about "real Brazil", I can feel his love for the country, same love that makes me showing you every unusual place of this "Terra Brasilis". He is one of the most brilliant brazilian characters that I know. His art is contemporary but at least he uses an easy and fascinating language and with no words he takes us to a primitive journey in this marvelous country called Brazil.

I support local art and you, dear Reader, should do the same...a visit to Luis' place is always so full of joy, it is a way to learn more about Brazil, it is a way to see this person's love for all our birds, his deep interest about our fascinating legends and brazilian stories. Luis is a person that easily translates Brazil to you.

Visiting his "atelier" right close to the main pier is always a pleasant thing to do, he will welcome you with a warm smile and buying part of his heart will make him continue to give us lots of life to our homes!

He deserve to be known in the main art galleries in the World and I hope we can help...his arts should be displayed in New York, Melbourne, Dubai, Paris or everywhere  in the World which good taste and love for travels should be combined!

I deeply trust in his talent, I am sure he is one of the best brazilian artist that I know and now I have one more good friend in Paraty.

Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

A friend of Paraty

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