Saturday, November 3, 2012


Recently I had the tast to welcome one more member of my KIWI FAMILY, one more counsin and one more super friend from New Zealand. Well, Mark had to go to Chile to attend a business trip, as he just land in South America and had some days free and his brother David and the wonderful gang Bella and Sam know me...he came to Rio with two important things in mind: MEETING RAFA...and eat at Porcão!!! :)

At least I could really guarantee that one of his mission was really accomplished...We met and we had looooooooooooads of fun.

You know, my work as a Tour Guide is not really what we can consider "work", it is my super strong passion in life so I ALWAYS have fun when I have special people with me, and anyone coming from the Craigs family is very special and unique for me!!! :)

Thanks alot MY KIWI FRIENDS for so many incredible moments that you give me all the time that you choose Brazil to visit!!! :)

Parque da Cidade in Niteroi is always the best window of Rio, from this incredible viewpoint you understand much more of the joy and beauty of Brazil. You also know that no doubt Rio is the gateway of Brazil. My cousin Mark will know teach for all his kiwi people and also for all people in the Middle East where he lives that Brazil should be in everyone's travel list and that in Rio everyone will always have RAFA to show all the secrets, all the precious gems of a wonderful trip to the soul of Rio de Janeiro!

When we have great people to show around, when we feel so much positive energy ina  tour, the day passes like hurricane..One day was not suficient to see all over Rio, we always end the day with a flavour of ASKING FOR MORE. We closed our day visiting the steps of Selaron, great artists that changed the history of our most bohemian neighborhood, Lapa.

But we made plans...Mark has 3 wonderful children and I will always be waiting here for future Craigs to invade Brazil.

I love this family dearly and I am missing all my brothers from Wellington!!!

I hope one day I could go to New Zealand and see how and why this country has so many marvelous people!!!

Thank you very much Mark, David, Bella and Sam for so much love, friendship and confidence; and also thanks alot my other kiwi friends Melissa Mc.Gragor, John and all the Strachan Family!!! 

And keep visiting this blog! :))))

The very new place that Mark was the first among the Craigs to visit was Itacoatiara, the wildest beach in Niteroi, one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil.

So NITEROI IS WAITING FOR MORE is indeed one of the best surprises in my tour!

Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide - Travel Planner

A friend of New Zealand

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