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I live in a big city though this city is blessed to be Rio de Janeiro. Here I have the ocean, I have the mountains and so many stunning surroundings, but it is a big city. Sometimes Rio is crazy when you are here not for holidays, when you have your daily life in a big urban centre, so you need to escape to a place where all the noise you hear will be the sound of the waters and the pleasant melody of the birds…And you will not see cars, buses, buildings and funk music everywhere…you will see trees, blue sky and such a lush green wilderness everywhere your eyes look for.

AND SUDDENLY YOU WILL BE AWARDED BY THE ENERGY OF ONE OF THE BEST WATERS IN BRAZIL…Cold, relaxing and fresh water recharging your batteries. 

This is my secret when I want to get out of the mad craziness of a big city and find myself in the quietness of Agua fresca Cottage in a very unknown village of CACHOEIRAS DE MACACU.

Boa Vista River at Tenebroso Falls
In the trails of Santa Fé

Colegio Peak in total lush green

Water in the Cottage and water in the jungle…Everywhere you go, you will be surrounded by water. 100% Fresh Water, amazing quality of pure mineral water that you can drink from every spring.

This paradise is not so far from Rio, you get there in less than two hours and the region has so many options if you love the Nature, if you seek for freedom and rest. This green paradise has amazing wild life and lots of confort for you to spend one night, two nights or if you are lucky enough you can plan about a week with someone that you love or simply very special people just for you to enjoy the nature.

Cachoeiras de Macacu stands right in the biggining of Tres Picos Range, a wonderful region with the best of Rio’s Mountains. 

In the picture Marcone and I were having fun in the waters of the stunning Tenebroso Falls.

Relaxing in the Pool - Mineral Water Pool

Agua Fresca Cottage

Open parking place

Agua Fresca is the name of our headquarter in the mountains. A very nice lodge organized by local people, the owners Horta Family will take care of you during your stay there. The Cottage is equipped with spacious room made with granite rock, the rooms are close to Macucu River and the water will give you a sweet lullaby at night. The main house has a exotic decorated living room and space for meals are close to the pools, the balcony is absolutely shady. The pool is surrounded by green and the whole property seems to be a wonderful Botanical Garden!

The rates are really affordable, just do not expect a five star hotel. At Agua Fresca you will feel like you are spending the days in your country house, so you will need to do some of the tasks yourself, you are free to go to the kitchen and prepare anything you like, you are free to prepare your own coffe. It is like a big shelter in the wilderness with warm bedroom, hot shower and above all, your sacred price.

The water is renewed every second.

My Cousin Sonia and Little John

Happiness is our names

From Agua Fresca Cottage all the tours in the wilderness will be planned and organized, it will be our reference point to explore all the hiking trails and to visit the regions of Cachoeiras de Macacu and Friburgo. It will be a trip of Rio that you have never imagined; it will be also an experience of a life time if you have some more days free in your trip to Rio. Me and my guides will be happy to introduce you a very NATIVE BRAZIL. A Brazil of trekkers and intrepid explorers.

I fully recommend Agua Fresca, this cottage is one of my references in the mountains of Rio, I truly believe in the quality of their service and I love their warm welcome.

Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner


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