Tuesday, October 9, 2012


I am always very grateful that couples look for my tours when they decide to travel to Rio, group of friends, two people, four people, some times a small group of 6 friends or even 12 friends but there are times that I have more than 30 people coming to rio at the same time and they need to have lots of fun and to experience Rio in a very unique way! win...hehehehehe :)))))) Well...Rio is also made for big number of friends and you can always count on me and also my wonderful team of guides and here is more or less the plan that we will do, specially if you have more than one day.

Also, if you just have one day only which is a pety because Rio deserve to be discovered in details, we can always skip some places, or simply do the classics. Something you can be really assured, YOU WILL SAY...RIO IS MY PLACE!!!!

Copacabana and Ipanema...all the time that you hear about Rio, you will imagine the international beach of Copacabana and you will think about the charming way all the GIRLS FROM IPANEMA walk...This is Rio when you dream about coming here and of course this is the Rio where I love having fun with my guests! The famous post cards of Rio will be there, only for you!!!

After seeing part of our charming coast we will come across with the bohemian side of Rio, where the past meet with our present, where we will know more about the portuguese presence in Rio, we will visit the interesting barroc of our colonial times, we will have fun in the so many old and european style buildings in our city center and we will get to know famous characters of the city like the painter Selaron that simply gave to Rio one of the symbols of the city. The famous stairs of Selaron. He is a good friend of mine and if he meet us in a good mood for sure we can take funny pictures with him!

For sure we will close our day with golden pages visiting a very famous landmark of Rio that stands right in the entrance of Guanabara Bay. We will see the Sugar Loaf where James Bond had a little problem with a weird guy and they have a fight on the roof of the cable car. There will be a revival of the 007 MOVIE MOONRAKER and of course we will see the glorious city from a very special angle.


Yes I know...if you will be in Rio, you will visit the Christ...It is like going to China and visit a giant Bhuda, and we have a giant Christ opening his arms to one of the most fascinating city in the World. I was born in Rio but I have to admit, few places in the World can beat such beauty. Rio is magic and it gets even more magical when we visit this Monument. When you come to the Christ, you will feel yourself just like us...YOU WILL BE A REAL CARIOCA.

And for sure, you will ask me: WHAT IS A CARIOCA!!!??? And I would reply...Carioca is a state of spirit!!! Carioca is the same as HAPPINESS, but the official explanation is: NATIVE OF RIO, so Carioca is RAFA!!!!!

The discovery of Rio continuous, we never stop. We will see one of the top 10 Botanical Gardens in the World, we will stroll through the majestic palm trees and we will see some of the rarest brazilian species of plants, we will see birds in extasis with the so great variety of plants, flowers and trees. The Botanical Garden is part of the Tijuca National Park, so it is a real must when you visit the city!!! :)))))) 200 years of History will make your trip really special.

This is a place that even the people of Rio hardly know...this is what will make your trip to Rio something remarkable and impossible to forget. We have a huge wetland regions all surrounded by our green mountains and a great birth place of so many species of birds, fish and reptiles; also a village of Rio where you will feel like exploring the countryside. Great people, huge fun and lots of wonderful pictures will be waiting for you in the wetlands of Marapendi!

The second day will be for you to see a different side of Rio, a real where just locals enjoy, a Rio where you will never find in any travel books. Lots of off the beaten path attractions, we will drive through the west coast visiting the beaches of Barra da Tijuca and Recreio with a wonderful stop to drink coconut water, JUST LIKE THE LOCALS!!!

If time allows we will make a delicious stop in one of the biggest Favelas of Rio...we will visit the World of Rocinha...It is more than a poor community of Rio, it will be an opportunity for you to follow how we are fighting againts poverty and crime, we are giving back this people the peace they always deserved and in turn Rocinha gives to the people a very genuine experience like visiting the BOIADEIRO Market...A chance for you to know more about the brazilian daily life, a chance for you to try all the different flavours of this diverse and fascinating country called BRAZIL.

Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

Your real friend in Brazil

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