Saturday, August 25, 2012


When people come to Rio they normally spend 3 days, sometimes a week. Enough time for you to relax in one of the most famous city in the World. No doubt, Rio is quite famous in the planet and I am so happy to right in the city that you choose to visit!

But when you come, you know that you will see Copacabana, you will visit the Christ and take the cable car in the Sugar Loaf. Normal Stuff, traditional and classic places...MY REQUEST...One day for the unusual, one day to see places that very few people see when people come to Rio...

ONE DAY TO SEE UNIQUE PLACES...and Rafa will take you to Tarituba!!!


Tarituba is a very small village in the way to the famous and charming historical town of Paraty. A pleasant stop to forget about the buzz of a big city, a quick stop to see beautiful green surorundings and enjoy the calm rhythm of a fishing village!!!

All the way heading south of our State is full of stunning landscapes. But this needs one very big effort, waking up early and spend the whole day seeing new places, experiecing a different daily life and getting back to Rio late at night, unless if you want to spend the night in Paraty (or in Tarituba, lovely cottages available there) and return to Rio in the next day.

Tarituba means fun and opens your heart for new adventures!!! :)

Meghan and Vance, my wonderful friends from Saskatoon, the SMILES OF THE PRAIRIES, that is what they are!!! :)

We had a blast in our quick stop in Tarituba and a wonderful time in PARATY.

So if you have one day free and you need to experience unique places...well, I can do it, and all the road to Paraty can give you LOOOOOOADS OF FUN. It will be 4 hours of laughing and fascinating photos. A journey to the spirit of Rio is getting yourself lost in our paradises!

Many thanks to my royal couple from Saskatchewan (uff took me a while to learn how to write it) that shared this lovely day to the unknown places of Rio, we are naturally travel explorers and it is always a pleasure to see new places and just enjoy life!!!

This is what I love doing in my tours. ENJOYING LIFE and you are more than welcome to see more of Rio with me!

Tarituba and Paraty are places that you should see and tell to all your friends that they should experience Rio by the EYES OF A LOCAL! :)

Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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