Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Brazil is a big is hard to choose where to go. I am a traveller in my own country, I love exploring my land and each time I travel I find a wonderful place that we can explore and have lots of fun. One of those places I keep on going many times and luckly it is very close to Rio...Well, 4 hours only...but 4 hours of watching beautiful landscapes bordering the ocean. is just one city that makes the State of Rio de Janeiro one of the most beautiful states of Brazil. And a clear option here when you have a trip to Brazil...YOU WILL COME TO RIO, and once you meet me, we will have fun, lots of fun!!!!

So this time I am not talking about Rio, but what you can do when you have more days in Rio and PARATY FOR ONE DAY IS ABSOLUTELY POSSIBLE TO DO, possible and soooo exciting!!! :))))))

If you are a real traveller, you will enjoy visiting virgin beaches, meeting small communities lost in the past, places where "power energy" is still a dream for people's future, beaches where sailors just picked up to spend a safer night protected by pristine inlets with lush green forests...places that simply by lying down in the wet sand and forget about all the troubles in life when just the sound of birds give you answers....

ISLANDS OF PARATY so possible to reach...all you have to do is renting a boat and the fishermen will take you to his favorite spots and in Paraty there are more than a hundred islands. And I know some and we can have lunch in so many fishermen communities in these islands!!!

Of course, Meghan and Vance agreed to visit Paraty for one day and I had to make 3 days tour in one day tour, and we made it...Coming to Paraty you will have to walk all the cobbled stones streets and alleys. It is time to learn about the interesting and full of gossips history of Brazil; and Paraty is one of the best SCHOOLS for that. Visiting Paraty is like visiting a little piece of Portugal, visiting Paraty will help you to understand more of the fascinating portuguese barroc. So charming, so fascinating and so tempting for its gorgeous and very well taken stores in super old buildings. 

A little walking time in Paraty will make your day in Rio something so unique and you will remember what I always say to you. RIO IS YOUR HOME AWAY FROM HOME!

It is a tour where your guide sleeps, it is a tour where you laugh alot, it is a tour where you just realize how wonderful life is when you are only with friends; it is also a chance you will have to see the real soul of Brazil.

My canadian friends had a wonderful time and I must say that I loved all the time I spent with them. You can easily spend the whole day in Paraty but you can also have the option to spend more than one night in Paraty, then your adventure will be way more complete!

If it is okay for you to spend 4 hours on the road (knowing that you will see wonderful views) then we can do it.

Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Guide

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