Friday, July 27, 2012


This week I had the previlege to meet a real character in the interior of Rio State. A person that each person from the mountains of Cachoeiro de Macacu, Friburgo, Teresopolis, Macae de Cima and Itaborai...places where many naturalist of the World had incredible material and places where real nature lovers have great time. I got to know PASSARINHO, a man with wisdon and a great example of NATURE PRESERVATION. My tours in the wilderness are way better since I met this extraordinary man!

Passarinho means LITTLE BIRD in portuguese, this nickname is really apropriate because he knows a lot of different species, he is a birder and for all those who love the Nature, he is the right person to talk about. The forests of Cachoeira de Macacu is his environment. Fascinating places in the green mountains of Rio can be found thanks to him.

The Collared Araçari (Pteroglassus torquatus) is part of the toucan family. They are naughty but I love them!!!! It breeds year round in the tropical rainforests of Latin America, in Brazil you can find this lovely Araçari in the Atlantic Forests in the outskirts of Rio, specially in Cachoeiras de Macacu where Passarinho knows the right spots!

It is a near-passerine bird which is brithly marked and its most distinctive physical characteristic is its amazingly large beak. 

My Journeys in Brazil take me to meet simple people like Dona Irene, she never had access to the words but her knowledge is endless, her culture teaches you that you need to be simple and you get the World! Thanks to Passarinho I could know many hidden corners of my own land and I could learn more about Brazil. 

He is a Naturalist, he is a warrior that protects our resources...he is a great promoter of many wonders of our jungle. A Birder with no special knowledge, but his life experience is a real legacy to all of us. He is a WALKING UNIVERSITY!!! Come to learn with this example of wilderness preservation!

Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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