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As I told you yesterday, I feel very happy to welcome the folks from the Lucky Country...My friends from robust and colourful Sydney, from Tassie, from Brizzie, the so called Sunshine State as they say, beautiful one day, perfect the next...hahah and of course my Melbourne friends and my dear folks from all over Australia. Anyway from the Top End to Melbourne, from the City of Churches (Adelaide) to the city of Lights (Perth) I am fortunate to have wonderful friends and your humble guide SCREAMS FOR MORE!!!

Thank you very much Australia!!! 

Day one was fab now day two was soooo complete that we are planning the next adventure in the State of Rio de Janeiro. Thanks also Ken and Loretta for so much fun, so much laughs and so much english learning!!! Yes, being with Aussies and Bushies is a new discovery of English Language and I am simply fascinated!

Vista Chinesa - Tijuca Park
This time we decided to explore unknown spots of Rio so we headed West and we saw a very unusual side of our big forest Tijuca which is also a National Park and of course I wanted to show a fantastic spot called Vista Chinesa. This is where you see a wonderful profile of Rio and you understand that you are in a very interesting city!

Pic Nic at Mesa do Imperador

Improvisation is a rule in my tours!!! And suddenly I decided to do something different specially after I heard some complaints about the poor breakfast in the hotel. So I thought I could provide such a breakfast in a cool place, and the place was simply the biggest urban forest in the World. The Brazilian FLORESTA DA TIJUCA!

We had the delicious fruit juice CAJU...the one with a cashue nut on the top....So fresh and so healphy...then we prepared some home made sandwishes with cream cheese, smoked mortadela and mussarela...We bought the bread in a local bakery (PADARIA) in the neighborhood of JARDIM BOTANICO.
Rafa loves AUSTRALIA
My love for Australia is is stamped in my car. I am a citizen of the World. Brazil is my birth place which I treasure deeply, it is my country, my nation and my territory; but I admire the countries where I have great friends. Australia is one of the countries that I dream about visiting, I am sure I will fall in love with your land, my friends and I am so grateful for so much love, fun and friendship! Australia, I will be there!!!

The Australian Royalties at Joá Beach

Joá is one of the places that I love stopping, it is a lovely spot where few tourists go and my biggest prize in life is seeing huge smiles in the faces!

Fun at Marapendi Wetlands

Good always happens when we visit the wetlands of Marapendi. You will not find anything about this place in the travel books or brochures. Wild Life, Islands, Nature and different life style...It is a place to find out, it is a place to have fun and figure out that Rio de Janeiro is indeed a wonderful place!

Utropicos - quiet secret spot for your life in Rio
Once we visited the Wetlands in Marapendi, we visited a friendly couple who owns a spectacular Guest House right in the bush...a wonderful and quiet cottage in front of the canal...with huge woods in the front, lovely pool and deck and two houses with endless great touch for decoration. We stopped at Utropicos managed by the owners Francisco and Silvia. Their good taste is absolutely impressive!!

Recreio Beach
The day was not over yet...I still had some beautiful spots of this side of Rio that very few people know. We saw the beaches of Recreio, Macumba, Prainha and my super favorite beach Grumari!!! :)

Grumari Beach - the wildest one!
Grumari is Rio's wildest beach...forget about Copacabana (which I live and love it), there will be no Ipanema...It will be simply a visit to Brazil by the eyes of the first portuguese settlers when they landed here for the first time and the whole history began. The beach is also the place where I often go in my rare days off, this is where I find my privacy and this is where I enjoy the nature. I am happy to share mmy secrets when I have two days tour.

King's Lunch at Grumari Beach - RIO

We finished our day with a local's fishermen lunch...shark snacks and our popular brazilian pastries PASTEIS with tasty shrimps inside! And very cold orange juice. YES FOLKS,  slowly I am quitting Coca Cola.

What a lovely way to see Rio and of course you can do the same, Dear Reader, all you have to do is sending me an email.

Toodle-oo My Friends....Please always send me people from OZ!!! :)))))

Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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