Tuesday, July 10, 2012


G'Day Reader!!! Alright Mates...I am a little bit Aussie today and I have to tell you that my heart is full of Australia's energy. THANK YOU AUSTRALIA!!!

Okay...this country once again gave me wonderful people, this time from Geelong...HAVE YOU HEARD ABOUT GEELONG??? Well, I love Geelong already...the local football team has a cat as their symbol...So Geelong, I AM ALL YOURS!!!!!!!


Australia brought this time Ken and Loretta to my endless list of wonderful aussie friends!

For those who are exploding themselves with curiosity...Geelong is part of greater of the most interesting places in Australia, with a beautiful coastline, Geelong is waiting for you to relax in the beach and to meet very cool and warm people.  So here is a little message to all people over there! Geelong Folks...come to Rio and discover a paradise down here in South America!!!

Ken wrote to me asking for a experience of a life time in their first trip in South America...we immediately had the same ideas and I told him...JUST COME AND I WILL SHOW YOU MY SECRET SPOTS...And he also took Loretta with him, his lovely life's companior, the Queen of his heart...So my task here was to welcome TWO ROYALTIES. Nothing is better than starting the Brazilian Adventure in Niteroi.

Alright, Niteroi is the Geelong of Rio de Janeiro!!! :))))) hahahahahaha :) Part of greater Rio, this city holds a lot of incredible surprises, from the other side of the Bay you see Rio way more see the mountains, you see the coast, you see the Ocean and the Bay and you find out a lot of places that you will never dream about visiting..So places like Parque da Cidade, Icarai, Jurujuba or Camboinhas will be very familiar to you.

I am sure that Niteroi are kept deep inside in their best memories and you will know that if you come to Rio and if I will be your guide. Niteroi will be a place that you are going to know very well!!!

Niteroi is the place where you will see LA VIE EN ROSE! :)

Thank you my friends for so much love, dedication and friendship!

Australia, I love you!!! :)

Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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