Tuesday, May 1, 2012


For a photographer, this part of Brazil is an endless resource of inspiration and I love going there to take incredible pictures. Maranhão is the land of our great friend Marcone Lima and we are there every single year. Many reasons take us to Maranhão...My Tours, this is the unique way to experience the endless region of the Amazon. The impressive meeting with the ocean and the rivers.

The fantastic reality of our amazon communities...the slow rhythm of faraway villages lost in a World of Mangroves...villages with no streets but sand, all this can be found in CURURUPU...

Boats made by skillful carpenters that leart from their ancestors, beaches in the village, beaches in your back yards, beaches through the mangroves...A life stopped in time, a life where you meet yourself...a trip that you will find your own peace. A place where your pictures are like paintings.  I LOVE CURURUPU!

Every trip to Maranhão I choose a place to explore, places where few travellers go and I invite my friends to join me. Shinthia joined me with her boyfriend. Marcone also joined us with his mother Corina which I fondly call her as Pepa. Cururupu was always a wild destination that I would love to visit in Maranhão and we went there for the Weekend.

A place where NATURE is full, a place where you will have no cell phone, no computer...a place that will show you the real Brazil. Cururupu is a wonderful surprise for the best travellers!

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