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MARANHÃO...For a deep researcher in geography, I am sure that one will say it is a river in Peru, one of many that forms the Amazon River up highier in the Andes Mountains. In spanish it is called MARAÑON...But it is also the name of one of the most fantastic State of Brazil. Surely it is the less known places in this endless paradise called Brazil but believe me, it is one of the most fantastic places that I know in my country. And for the record, I know Brazil pretty well and I invite you to know more about this wonderful land full of marvelous people.

Maranhao has no Copacabana, Maranhao has no Iguazu Falls...The only name that you must have heard that can be found in Maranhao is for sure AMAZONIA, because getting closer to the limits of Para States, part of its territories really reaches the Amazon Region which also can give us great surprises. but for the traveller who recently steps on the incredible lands of Maranhao, he or she will come across with names hard to memorize, and very exotic names like TAPUTIU, RAPOSA, BACANGA...or PREGUIÇA, CURURUPU, ALCANTARA, PANAQUATIRA...Difficult names but easy places for you to fall in love!

Places with spectacular sand dune beaches, endless mongrove roads and little jungles close to the capital city. Surprises are countless in Maranhao and I hope I could help all my friends to explore more and more of this lovely State.

MARANHAO HAS A LARGE VARIETY OF WILDERNESS, places that not even the locals have any idea that they exist, places where wild animals can be spotted everywhere, places that not even the television had reached. It is a great cvhance that we have to know more about brazilian coulture.


Not to mention, but the State has the largest DELTA in the World: PARNAIBA DELTA...Leaving behind the enourmous delta of the Nile and the Mississipi.

Maranhao is a personal destination for me, there I have fantastic friends and I am in love with the local traditions and all the environment of such a free State. They call themselves as the MIDDLE NORTH...Not excatly northeast, not exactly north...MARANHAO HAS ITS UNIQUE PERSONALITY...

It also takes an important part of our portuguese language, the portuguese spoken there is said to be the closest to our mother language in Portugal. They really speak in a soft and clear way, and they are more efficient with grammar.

YOU SHOULD COME AND SEE...Maranhao is my opinion is a awaken dream!

The capital is São Luis, it is a distant city if you start your trip in Rio, but it worths every second of this 4 hours flying up north and it will bring you to one of the gateways to the amazing Amazon Jungle.

But this jungle has a vibrant city, full of colors, full of parties, full of orgastic food, full of sand dune beaches, full of mangroves and full of diverse cultures...



Words are useless to make you understand how unique and fabulous this region is...I can write a book here and I will never get close to describe such a beauty....I am very fortunated to witness one of the most fascinating landscapes of this Planet, maybe one of the most interesting places in this Universe...AND I AM NOT EXAGERATTING.... hahaha people always think I do....

I have been to 18 States in the country and I can humbly say, this is with no shade of doubt one of the most breathtaking places I have ever been...

LENCOIS, as people name it, are simply SOMETHING OUT OF DESCRIPTION.

Dunes, walking under a severe heat can be awarded by a great and feresh swimming in many of sparkling blue lagoons...Rain water only...fresh water...laggons which simply arise and die according to the wish of Nature...There is only one lagoon that never gets dry, that is the impressive Lagoa Bonita.

It is for sure one of the MUST SEE places in Brazil, few travellers have the opportunity to be there!!!

Remotes villages like Santo Amaro or Atins are interesting places that you will have access to this paradise, the most famous entrance is also Barreirinhas. All the places offer good and decent places to spend the night and you will always have the sensation that YOU ARE ONE MORE NAVIGATOR TO FIND OUT UNTOUCHED SPOTS through the Brazilian Wilderness!

Trekking through the tropical jungle you come across with old portuguese ruins of lost cities and incredible oasis in the middle of the jungle, all this is possible when you visit Alcantara or even in the outskirts of São Luis in a very green location called MARACANA.

A simple stay in Maranhao State will give you an authentic Amazon Experience in a place that very few tourists know.

Travelling all around Brazil will give you unforgetable memories, Brazil offer virgin places specially in a visit to the rivers of Maranhão, one of the rivers is the long and super wild PREGUIÇAS RIVER, full of misteries, full of local stories and amazing fauna. Sailing int he river you can visit very distant islands like Vassouras Islands where you can be welcome by many families of monkeys, just like this picture where Marcone shows the HUMAM EVOLUTION!!!

A visit to Maranhão can be your journey to the primitive Brazil and it will always give to your life the best experiences in South America.

Walking for hours in the bush and coming across with magic waterfalls. a real spectacle of waters like in Carolina or playing in the mangrove mud in Cedral. Maranhão offers an universe of adventures and lots of amazing surprises. Lots of fun are waiting for you, if you write to me in advance we can plan some days there.

This is the tribute for a land that holds my soul, it is a pleasure to talk about a land where I have wonderful friends, a land that gave me the best wonders in life. I want to register here my deep love for MARANHÃO!

Tour Guide and Travel Planner

A Brazilian Fanatic!

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