Tuesday, May 1, 2012


An island where every one knows each other...a place where the children are living their innocense...because just playing outside means the World to them. One promissing land after hours sailing you simply meet a Paradise.

Dear Reader, I know, you might find weird, I always come to you with strange names...GUAJERUTIUA....what????

Guajerutiua is one of the thousand islands of this complicated bunch of islands..some of them in front of the river and most of them in the mangrove and the ocean...They are part of the previous indigenous people that once populated the State of Maranhão. Now they do have the FISHING as their main economy and the water is very generous for them. Absolutely amazing fishing spot. 


My friend Alan Speziale would go mad there and I am sure we will go there together one day!!!

When I got to Guajerutiua I stayed in a farm that belongs to my friend Welington who is mad to open his farm for my visitors and also investors...the farm has a lot of potential for a well planned eco tour resort. His farm has space for lodge accomodation, his farm has a private nature reserve and enough space for a complete golf court (attention investors!)

So I had the privilege to escape from the Amazon heat right in Welington's Back Yard.

Food is not a problem but there is no restaurant...the best food can be in the distant neighbor house or in the balconies of Welington's House made by ourselves...Very "survivor's" activities...

Taking a shower??? Well, there is a corner in the bush with a cool water well and a big bucket...being naked in the wilderness taking a shower under a full moon...very romantic, eh????

Maranhão has an interesting system of tides...the water simply disappear providing a solitude profile to the fishing boats and also forming very pleasant natural pools! Visiting Cururupu will be a journey to the primitive Brazil, visiting Cururupu will make you be a sort of National Geographic Explorer.

Going to Guajerutiua for me was like getting to Papua New Guinea...a whole new world for me, a real lesson for my life. Marcone as usual took part of this expedition and his mother Corine was brave enough to join us though she told me in secret that she prefers the GOOD LIFE IN BUZIOS.

But my preferences comes from the sophistication of Punta del Este to the rough roots of Caçacuera, places that still preserve their traditions of indigenous population and slaves from many farms the famous Quirombolas.

So the incredible mix of races that we can just see in Brazil and the incredible people's wisdon will take you to a new universe.

Endless wild corridors where every curve gives you a fantastic surprise...this is just one small area of one of the arms that lead you to the incredible Amazon Forest...The Coastal Amazon is also a place to be seen and I know some unique spots to make you a complete traveller!

Marcone and I love to explore the hidden corners of Brazil...Marcone is proud to show to the World the beauties of his homeland and I am happy to make our country so easy for you to be convinced that Brazil is one of the most fascinating Nations in the Planet!

Welcome to a New World, welcome to a Brazil that few Brazilians know!

The Amazon Rovers

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