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When  we made a decision to go to Cururupu we knew that comfort was something far beyond our expectactions. We wanted the real experience and the chance came when our dear friend Carol Dias suggested us to visit a new place in the north of Maranhao, in the entrances of the Amazon River and one of them is a vast region called FLORESTA DOS GUARAS. Carol's father, Welington, incredible character very rootie, has a farm there and we were invited to spend the weekend in his island!!!

YES, WELINGTON HAS AN the island is a private property for my blog I am calling his islands as WELLY ISLAND.

We were welcomed by our friends Carol and Luis that got to the island before us...they spend the whole day fishing in that small boat. We rented a bigger boat because from the main pier in the village IGARAPÉ, very complicated river corridors that lead to a bay that we had to cross, it was about two hours crossing...

Being welcome with Carol's smile was a big happiness for me, in the middle of nothing finding Carol was something impossible to forget. In that jungle's life, having a boat is a matter of survival.

As soon as we docked our boat we walked to the main house, interesting lodge in Welly's that big house that is being constructed there were just us, the goats, the chickens and the whole amazon echo system. No power energy, just generators...during the day the contact with the nature is simply amazing and I was back to simple life. During the night, the night birds orchestra and the fear of being attacked by any wild animal, but we learnt that wild animals also fear us. 

Thanks to the continuing breeze, no mosquitoes and at night we had the such conditions, having a hammock to sleep is the same of sleeping in a five star hotel!!!

Well, I am an animal lover, even though I knew that one day I would be hugging people's lunch, I was honored to get such a truly kiss. The goats population was amazing in the island!

The search for our food had to be in the river...we had absolutely wonderful dorados, every afternoon we went to Guajerutiua island to see what we would eat...One day small fish another day enough fish for the whole week. In between us, I am not a good fish eater, so I was very happy with a plate of fresh rice which I made sure to buy before we left the continent in Cururupu.

NIGHT LIFE???? A visit to the sleeping village of Guajerutiua to feed some friends...this lovely donkey which I forgot the name was really in the mood to share my snack which costed me 30 cents. What to do at night,well, sitting in the pavement and talk with our friends. In a remote place like that, the conversations are always longer. late at night (7:00 pm!!!!!)...yes....when the darkness come, this people go to sleep...complete torture for me because I am used to go to bed always after 3:00 am....

The way back to our island was simply divine...sailing the waters of the Bay under a crowd of stars in the clear sky!!!

Sleeping time...very comfortable, at least I loved it...I had the chance to take pictures of my dear friend Shintia and her boyfriend Ervanio and our famous Marcone in his deep amazon dreams. I must tell you that though we slept in small hammocks I had the most interesting nights in my life!

Father and Daughter...Welington, the dreamer who want to build a huge eco tour resort so he can preserve such a unique ecosystem with the help of all World's Nature Lovers; and Carol, the one who trusted me that I will start taking my dear guests to this whole New World.

I truly believe in the future of Maranhão as one of the most impressive tourism destination in Brazil. I really believe that it is possible to have their resources preserve with a serious project of eco tourism.

So dear Readers, let's do it...Let's organize group of friends and be part of a journey of a real Brazil. 

We are brazilians who love to be brazilians and we are waiting for you to join us in this unique and spectacular adventure!

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