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Brazil has 26 capitals and I am very fortunate to know almost all and I can say by far that after Rio de Janeiro, São Luis is my favorite capital in the country...I love the mix of races, the portuguese architecture, the parties and the beaches and of course it is a place where I have lots of friends that I love and adore!

The city was founded in 1550, one of the oldest settlements in Brazil. São Luis is a beautiful islands facing the ocean and so many rivers, one of them Anil river that forms a beautiful estuary, in one edge my favorite neighborhood Ponta da Areia. São Luis has lots of legends and traditions and the real root of the northern style which I truly love!!!

In the outskirts you find landscapes like Raposa or villages where you forget about time. São Luis is the capital of MARANHÃO STATE and its capital also has a lot of incredible things to do. We can think about more than 2 full days to explore this incredible magic island!!!!

In June the whole month is total party. Lots of colors, lots of music and lots of food. Maranhao has gorgeous sea food, the best fish that I eat in Brazil has to be in Maranhão. Specially in Capote Restaurant. 

A FESTA DO BOI - It is something like our Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro...Total happiness and absolutely huge fun!

Art Crafts are found all over the city and as the weather is quite hot, the whole island is bathed by incredible channels and beaches. My favorite place is for sure Raposa, interesting fishing village full of sand dunes beaches and desert islands. You can hire a handmade boat for the whole day.

Renting a boat is not so expensive with a little more of 100 USD you can have a boat for the whole day and this allows you to see the mangrove, the jungle and all the rich fauna the only in Maranhão State you can find!

Travelling in the countryside you find friendly people where you learn about simple costuns, here in Alegre River I learnt more about their loundry system!!! Not so ecologic but they have been doing this way for many generations!

São Luis has very sophisticated accomodations and lots of structure, but going to the soul of the city is a journey to a primitive Brazil as well.

The city is not famous not even for brazilians and I take my guests to find a new Brazil.

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