Sunday, May 6, 2012


Argentina???? Wait a minute, you are reading a blog of a tour guide who will welcome you in Brazil!!!! 

Dear Reader, be patient with me please!!!

First, I have the great joy to be part of a wonderful continent called SOUTH AMERICA and I am always visiting our neighbors, and dear Reader, I also organize tours in Buenos Aires and I visit the city for years and years. Buenos Aires has my favorite spots, Buenos Aires has my dear friends. It is a place where I feel confortable and it is a place where I also like to spend some time escaping from the booze of my crazy life!

Last time I was there was in February and March after my great tour with the canadian group from Toronto.

Santelmo is marks the beggining of my trip to Buenos Aires or the end of my trip to Buenos Aires. Plaza Dorrego, it was the first place I visited in Buenos Aires in my first visit more than 25 years ago...Gosh I am old...But it is very symbolic for me to go to Santelmo for my beer and my tasty empanadas, the famous argentinean pastry. Marcone joined me in this special moment!!! :)

Titina Rinaldi is also part of our lives...She barks but she really knows how to show her wishes. She played with me almost everyday and every morning I felt a very cold nose rubbing my face...She is special and she is one of my most vivid memories in my travels to Argentina!!!

Each time that I go to Baires we have the same tradition, the farewell dinner...this time my most beloved friends in Buenos Aires...Vero, German, Andrea, la Reina; the Brother Mariano, Mi Cariño Alejandra, Morita (mas rica que las empanadas!) y mi Querido Amigo Javi. And of course, Marcone, always present! This time we went to a chinese buffet in the classy district of Belgrano...We had a ball!!!

The advantage to have a journalist friend is that you can have a little hand to allow other people to know your work!!! :) Mariano has a radio program that tells people about the city's agenda and I was interviewed about my work with tourism in Brazil telling our fellow argentinean brothers to visit our fascinating Brazil!!

A real work of mutual friendship between our Nations!

Sad when the time to say good bye comes...I can feel when the tango singers say: Y CIAO BUENOS AIRES

So hard to say good bye to a place that I love, too bad to leave so many special moments but I always come back for more special moments to come!

Buenos Aires can be fascinating when you really know how to meet the spirit of the town! And Of course, dear Reader, you can always count on me to make it happen.

Myself and my friends will be always ready to provide you also a fantastic time in our neighbor's yard!!!



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