Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Marcone and I are very happy to have Sonia in our team, and we do have great guides as you can read about all of them in this blog. But I want to oficially introduce to you someone really bright that I am honored to have in my work and also in my personal life. She is very professional but much more important than being such a very complete tour guide, she is one of my best friends, someone very present, someone very helpful that had supported me in so many moments in life!

Sonia Chagas is another person that I trust to take care of you if I am busy during the days that you are coming to Rio de Janeiro!!!

Ohhh and she might be the one who will meet you at the airport!!! :))))))

The wetlands of Marapendi is one of the most interesting places in my tour, we always have our boatman Laerte to take us to the wildest corners of the Lagoon's Complex and not so rare we meet our guests in the same boat and it is always a party when we meet and our guests really get very happy and excited, we simply start a FLOATING PARTY IN THE WETLANDS! :))))

I love taking Sonia to my favorite restaurant in Niteroi, the asian (mongolian, to be precise) Tantra. We always have a great time there with the delicious mix of Mongolian, Mauritian, Maldives and Pacific is a journey to the Asian and South Pacific Gastronomy right in the other side of the Bay.

Sonia shares my friendship and my total confidence to stay with you.

Just like myself, she is commited with social work, we always help the Guarani's Tribe in Niteroi which is also part of our tour. We help the children with school supplies and food, and we always spend some time with them in our free time which is quite rare, but we do out best to improve their lives and tell to the World that this minorities are not and never forgottten!

We also have tour together when I need to send my car to the garage and when we have a tour together, we die of laughing, her sense of humour and her goodness simply makes you feel very confortable and just like I do, she really does her best to make you feel at home!!!

OUR GUIDANCE IS NOT A FORMAL ONE...Here we welcome friends, here we have you as part of our family, and here you will have the best experience ever! I am so grateful that James and Carissa from New Mexico joined us for such a wonderful day in Rio ending with a very happy gathering in Copacabana Beach!!!

More of Sonia you can find my my tripadvisor reviews, she has some good comments there.


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Vlad said...

I totally agree with Rafa. We've been together in our 2 days trip in Rio with them, and I can say Sonia is a very, very nice person, always close to you, always enjoying.
Glad to have the possibility to meet Sonia