Monday, April 23, 2012


My Super Dear Reader...How can I start??? How can I write about another paradise in our jungle???? Okay...another incredible place to be with the nature...the closest contacts with yourself...A Place where you finally find some peace of mind...and of course part of my endless "OFFICE" in Brazil....

Two hours away from Rio...very light trip, in the way to São Paulo...This is a city and this city is privileged to hold a FEDERAL NATIONAL PARK...The village and the park share the same name ITATIAIA....

Brazil has too many different just come and I help you to choose!!!

One of my suggestions is close home and again it is one of the places that I take my days off...In the mountains of course!!! :) 

You do not need too much effort to find a wild spot like Ponte do Maromba....Not even in Dubai you will find a dream of swimming pool like that!!! Birds everywhere...fresh air, nice people all around, challenging paths...A chance that you have to witness Brazil from the time of our Settlers...The same animals are still there, the same landscapes are there..the same forest, the same everything!!!

ITATIAIA...THAT IS THE NAME OF ONE MORE SECRET THAT YOU WILL SEE WITH ME!!! Itatiaia is part of the places of our ranges that have some of the highiest peaks of Brazil such as Pico das Agulhas is also one of the coldest places in Brazil, the heights here are over 2000 meters high...Super cool to visit close to the winter because the weather is dry and it hardly rains and absolutely fantastic to go in the summer because you can enjoy the water is hard to think which natural pools is better.

As usual Marcone and I travel to tell you some cool suggestions for you to simply enjoy life. We are tour guides and we are here to make Rio easier for you. Rio has the State of Rio de Janeiro with so many different option. Here you also find amazing restaurants, one that I recommend is the HOTEL DO IPE...and if you want to spend the night here which I extremely suggest you, you can stay with the folks from POUSADA QUATRO ESTACOES. Fabio, is the owner and he will personally give you the best hints.

I am happy to belong to a country that gives you everything. I trully believe that this is the country of the future and Rafa is here to be your PERSONAL EMBASSADOR...I want to make Brazil one of the powers of the World Turism but I do not want to be an industry. 

When you come to Rio, do not forget to have some two extra days to explore hidden paradises and you will be in touch with a wonderful people, you will see unique places and Brazil will always be part of your life.


Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Trip Planner

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