Friday, January 13, 2012


I always say that my day deserves more than 24 hours...I work hard, touring nearly everyday, taking care of so many domestic stuff, trying to be a good family member with a lot of tasks in my life. Now everybody says that we have to keep fit, exercise our body to be able to continue this crazy marathon of life!!!

I am doing my part in this FITNESS DICTATORSHIP...Great for health, great for your daily life, but it is like a tribe...if you are not part of the tribe you are not welcome in some groups...So at least go walk in the beach, climb up the stairs all the time you need.

I really try very hard...I need more time but I will survive!!! :)

I am part of the gym club FORMULA in Copacabana, the staff are really great...I need to find strengh to wake up early and obey the rules of our modern world!!!

At least I will be always HANDSOME, hahahahahaha :))))))

For the record, I know dear reader, when you access my blog you are looking for more information about my tours. You will have all the details you need to know when you write to me! This blog talks about my life, my work and everything that I feel like writing!

I am so grateful with all new friends, new guests and new challenges that you dear reader, provides me!

It is a great pleasure sharing my life with you!!!! :)

Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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Desiree said...

Hello my sweet friend!!

I just got an email on Trip Advisor asking about your services and I didn't have enough wonderful words! Getting that email made me think of our trip and I still smile about it!

I hope you are well!! Sending you lots of hugs!!