Saturday, February 11, 2012


Summer is really telling you...I AM HERE!!! :)

Sunny days, crowded beaches...smiles is wonderful simply say to stranger GOOD MORNING and you have a large smile back!!! This is how brazilians problem if you just say HI, no problem if you stare (also please do not mind of someone is staring at you...dear reader, EYE CONTACT HERE IS ABSOLUTELY NORMAL!!!

But as I mentioned in my title...HAPPINESS IS IN THE AIR!!!

Come and simply enjoy this wave of happiness!!!

IT IS CARNAVAL TIME and Carnaval is deeply present in our lives...Carnaval here much more than fan, it is a sacred ritual and as we are naturally out goers, we can find parties everywhere in the streets!!! :) Nearly in every corner, specially in the old center areas like traditional neighborhoods such as Lapa, Santa Tereza and Praça Onze as well as the beach area where the BEAUTIES are such as Copacabana and Ipanema, and also some bay area districts like Laranjeiras, Cosme Velho and Jardim Botânico.

THE CITY BREATHS CARNAVAL...And very soon...the so famous and expected DESFILE DE CARNAVAL NO SAMBODROMO...To translate into english, I mean, the spectacular Samba Parade where CARIOCAS, OTHER BRAZILIANS and SO MANY PEOPLE IN THE WORLD spend the whole year saving money to watch the big parade.

February is so special to us because....TOP NUMBER ONE is the Carnaval Month...Not only Rio but the whole Brazil bleeds in passion to celebrate Carnaval everywhere...And the best CARNAVAL in Brazil...Right here where you will meet me ----RIO ------ and Salvador, and Olinda and São Luis in Maranhão!!!

So be sure that when you come here, our guides will be ready, I will be ready when I can...because...YES DEAR READER, YOU ARE COMING FOR OUR CARNAVAL AND I AM OFF TO ARGENTINA!!!

But our guides will stay...Marcone, Diana, Françoise, Suzi, Vanessa Portela, Sonia, Marcio and Andrea will be here, we will be your embassadors of happiness!!!

Talking about happiness, my first participation on RIO’S 2012 Carnaval was yesterday; with my friends from Pennsylvania, Melissa and Glenn. We had a great time in Sambódromo to see the rehearsal of one of our famous SAMBA SCHOOLS, MOCIDADE INDEPENDENTE.

We had a blast, we met very nice people and we laughed alot!!! :) We saw thousand of people dancing with great joy...such a music that your body dances by really do not need to dance samba. WE “SAMBA” YOU.

Rafael Torres Lopes

Tour Guide and Travel Planner

A friend of fun and happiness in Rio

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