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Every now and then I write about Niteroi, the city where I was raised and where I spent a lot of incredible moments in my life. The tours in Niteroi is a great opportunity to always visit this place that I am in love with. My AFFAIR with Niteroi exists since the time when I was 14 years old and now I am ..... GUESS...

I am sure when you think about coming to Rio...NITEROI IS NOT PART OF THE PLAN!!!! Serious mistake, dear reader...NITEROI can be one of the greatest highlights of your adventure in Rio and right today in one of my first tours of 2012 I was there with my wonderful new friends Dallas and Steve from my sweet Toronto and their friends (and now my friends) Giti and Moh, one adorable couple who lives in San Diego and they bring a wonderful "cultural luggage" from Persia where they really come from!!!

One of the best spots in Niteroi to be visited is the PARQUE DA CIDADE which is part of a State Park called TIRIRICA. This is where paraglyders from Niteroi usually jump and you can jump too. In this afternoon I was with my friend Angela from Granada, Spain and we had lots of fun, she came with her boyfriend Nacho, another wonderful friend that I made!!!

Parque da Cidade will simply surprise you...amazing views to Rio de Janeiro and also incredible landscapes of Niteroi itself.


More surprises you will find if you follow the coast of our Guanabara Bay, you will encounter with incredible angles of famous landmarks in Rio like the Sugar Loaf and the Christ, all together in the same picture! And you will get to know places like Adan and Eve after visiting the simple and fascinating village of Jurujuba!

For sure this is the only place in Niteroi that you have heard...The Contemporary Museum, MAC...the famous project of our architect Oscar is one of our most important icon of our modern architecture and it is present in a lot of travel books. But all these books do not explain what you can do in Niteroi.

Personally I think the collection is quite poor and I am not so fond of Modern Art, but you should go there to see the incredible views to the Bay and also to the island of Boa Viagem and the beautiful district of Icaraí.

Marcone and I always take our guests to see the place and it is always a great moment of the tour and this is our second stop in the city of Niteroi.

Dallas and I had a blast today in Jurujuba, our fishing village, a place where time stopped and we can really experience a real brazilian village where people are friendly and extremely curious to hear people talking in a wierd language (in this case, english). This is another spot in Niteroi where you can practice your photography skills!

Niteroi has so much more, Niteroi has so many places in the coast that you will love. One of the hidden gems are this tiny beach in the oceanside called SOSSEGO.

Niteroi is my hood, it will always be and I will be always proud to show you a place which many visitors will never reach.

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