Tuesday, August 23, 2011


You should know that ONE PERSON is part of my tour. No doubt you have to see the gyant art of Selaron in the old neighborhood of Lapa, the bohemian centre of Rio de Janeiro. Tonight he opened a honored exception, he stopped and talked with us in the evening, time that he has to create more paintings and being with himself as he says.

I had the great pleasure to welcome my new friends and guests Carmen and Nicolas, a very energetic couple from the beautiful city of Murcia, south of Spain.

This tongue is dangerous....very famous in every picture that I take of him and a tongue that will have no breaks to allow its owner to express his opinion...So be prepared to hear the unexpected and I will have no fear to translate!!!

In Rio as I usually say, dear Reader, you've got to experience Rio. It is like, I will not show you the BODY OF RIO, you will see the SOUL OF RIO. And one of the joys of Rio's soul I have no doubt, it is Selaron who I proudly tell you that he is a good friend of mine!!!

That was really funny to hear all the nonsense and some wisdon words of this interesting painter. He is famous and he is popular. He has the right to say what he wants, he had done one of the most impressive work of art in the city, his own stairs. Nicolas said that the street should be in his name, and one day it will be!!!

Selaron is present in his art and you can see the pregnant women everywhere, in form of his own portrait, inform of a pregnant woman dancing. It is his TRADEMARK.

I think Rio should really pay more attention of this remarkable work that he does just because he is grateful to the city that embraced him and a land that he loves and he is taking as his own homeland. Selaron told me that being born in one country does not mean that you belong to the land. He said that Picasso was more french than spanish (which makes me really angry). Selaron is more brazilian than chilean; but we never know how our own land treats us, true???

Thank you Carmen and Nicolas for such a brilliant day and we had a busy one!!! Starting in the classic attractions, Sugar Loaf (Pão de Açucar) and the Christ, then a quick visit to Tijuca National Park, heading to the Niteroi with a stop in my Mother's place (I forgot my cell phone there) and finally crossing the bridge over Guanabara Bay, with a stop for pictures in the Litorania Avenue in Boa Viagem. We stopped in the Contemporary Museum - MAC and a wonderful and yummy lunch at A MINEIRA and we closed our day in the magnificent viewpoint of Parque da Cidade, you can see more about Parque da Cidade by typing PARQUE DA CIDADE in the search engine!!!

And we end the tour with grand style in Lapa visiting Selaron's stairs and meeting the artist in person!!!

By the way, before coming to Rio, try to find a tyle with your city's name and bring it, we will give it to Selaron and your tyle will be in the stairs forever!!!

Rafael Torres Lopes

Tour Guide and Travel Planner

A friend of Selaron

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