Monday, August 29, 2011


Dear Reader, I like are my Reader, so you are someone dear to me. The ones who met me and the ones that I will meet! I have been very busy, I have tours almost everyday with spectacular people from all over the World who trust me their dreams!!!

It is a great challenge and a great responsability for me, but it is also a giant pleasure!!!

I am so happy to hear that people are writing about my work, they recognize my effort to give you the best of Rio, they know that I go beyond my strengh to make you be at home in Rio.

But my work makes me happy and thanks to that I have made wonderful friends.

But also, my guests write to me and I cannot be as fast as I wish, so once again, I ask you, be patient. When you write to me you can be sure that I will write back!!! But bear in mind that I spend most of my time touring in Rio and other states of Brazil, sometimes I will have to go out of the country!!!

Today I had the big happiness to welcome my very first guest from COSTA RICA, see my shirt and we had a blast in NITEROI. Which is also another passion for me!

Keep me passionated!!!

Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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Hugo González said...

Fue realmente inimaginable la experiencia vivida con rafa tour, en donde se logra no solo observar paisajes de gran riqueza natural y sociocultural, sino que ademas se permite reflexionar sobre la importancia del turismo como instrumento de inclusión social, cultural y economica, percibiendo siempre la importancia de un turismo basado en la solidaridad y valorando las diversidades de las actividades y las personas involucradas. Muchas Gracias Rafa, hay que repetirlo!!!!!!