Thursday, August 18, 2011


This person has the energy of Gran Canyon, she has the fun of Disney World and the strengh of Yellowstone geisers and the best of all, SHE IS MY FRIEND!!!!

She decided to have some rest in the center of the universe, in New York City and she came across with a brazilian food stand specialized in CAIPIRINHAS!!! Wow wow wow wow wow!!!!

And that wonderful person called Nancy who lives in gorgeous California State wrote to me telling that Rio is part of her heart and she and her husband and great friend of mine, Phil, keep incredible fondest memories of our trip!!!

She was having fun in the Center of the Universe and I provide fun in THE BEST YARD OF THE UNIVERSE, Rio de Janeiro!!!

We had lots of fun in Rio, I had the honor to show them the best of my city and they can tell you that Rio was covered inch by inch. They really experienced Rio...It was high season for me and I had lots of tours which gave me some very cool friends and I decided to have one day off in one of my favorite places in the State, Paraty...And guess who I found!!!!????

We met right in the colonial town's pier and we decide to spend the afternoon visiting some isolated islands in the Paraty's peninsula. We had a nice time together, Nancy and Phil, me and Marcone, and his mother Corina!!!

It was a great coincidence which ended up in a wonderful family meeting!!!!

Thanks Nancy and Phil for being so incredibly cool and to make my work here in Brazil really special....Please send me some fantastic CALIFORNIA'S PEOPLE!!!

I wish you all the World's Success, you two mean a lot to me!!!!

Rafael Torres Lopes

Tour Guide and Travel Planner

A friend of California

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