Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I am back...back to my blog, back to my space where I write everything that I feel...I know, dear Reader, that you must be crazy for some news but I have to confess something...EVERY AUGUST, ALWAYS ONE MONTH BEFORE MY BIRTHDAY, A LOT OF THINGS HAPPEN...Mostly not so many good things...

BUT I AM BACK AND YOU KNOW, EVERYTHING THAT I DO IN MY WORK I DO WITH HAPPINESS...I am happy because recently I just fixed something that was wrong for quite a long time and I could not notice, now I am alright.

But I was busy as well....writing a lot of emails in my very few free time of so many new friends who are coming to visit my WONDERFUL RIO. Going everywhere to make people happy, give them culture and knowledge about a new visited place. trying to make Rio a home to every new visitor. I went to the Amazon and when you are in the middle of nowhere there is not internet access and even in a primitive place your agenda is way busier just like when I am with my tours in this interesting urban planet!!!!

Meanwhile I had fun with friends, just like you see in the picture...Our friend from Maranhão, São Luis came to visit us and I took some free time to have a blast in our Samba House Rio Scenarium. Aline is a great friend that comes to Rio very often!!!


This low season was not really low...I think I had the "HIGH SEASON OF MY LOW SEASON", thanks to Trip Advisor and to my wonderful guests, now good friends of mine; other people read my reviews and they want to have a real experience in Brazil. And I AM VERY BRAZILIAN TO DO THAT!!!!

Part of my August tours was starred by my friends Miuel and Tannekia from Los Angeles, we had a wonderful day in Rio and one of the highlights was at the Stairs of Selaron, what a glorious day!

I love my work and when I am "working" as my good friend DOLLY love to read, hahahaha; I put my soul in will not meet a guide, you will meet a very close friend always in the mood to show you the best of Rio.

You can have a look in my reviews on trip advisor, what is written there is enough for me to be convinced that I am in the right way.

To reach my reviews you just need to type my full name RAFAEL TORRES LOPES

Yes, Reader, I am back...happier, cleaner and better prepared, full of energy. One thing please, when you write to me, be patient, I might take some time but when I am not writing to you so promptly it means that I am making Brazil special to someone who really wishes the real stuff!!

So when you come to Rio or if you ever plan a trip to anywhere in Brazil, I will be here, count on me!!!


Rafael Torres Lopes
Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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