Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Some people name it Favela, some other people prefer to name it as Community...Rocinha is the real name...famous place in the west side of Rio and also spot of so many bad and good stories of our city routine. But Rocinha is a very interesting neighborhood of Rio, for me it is a PLANET...You can find everything there and you can find any kind of people...So diverse and so fascinating walking in the alleys of the Favela!!!

No no no, I am not famous there....

Once in a while I take my guests to see this famous Favela...and sometimes I go there to buy clothes, eletronic devices or food in the sunday market which is the well known FEIRA DA ROCINHA. And it is fantastic to see the great diversity of a place full of hardworking people and people always ready to help you.

I took my guest and new friend Suzanne from England, living in Australia, right now...she came to Rio in her brazilian trip, and we had some hours to see Rio "under the rain" and we stopped to see the lovely "community's artcraft store" in the base of Rocinha next door to the Samba Rehearsal Place and we strolled around Via Apia and the neighboring streets...

A visit to Rocinha will make you learn a lot about various social projects that is changing people's life and the colourful houses are a must to see. A visit to Rocinha is a real journey to the Favela's Culture, you will learn more about our music, art and a different daily life.

My friend Zezinho is one of the guys who are real experts to take you to a clear and fascinating tour that will get you in touch with Rocinha's life style with its incredible views to the Atlantic Ocean on São Conrado Beach, you can find him on my FACEBOOK - He is the Funkeiro de Raiz. Zezinho has the impressive way to translate the passion of his Hood and you will go back home with a fantastic idea of what a Favela really is!

Personally, I think Rocinha is one of my favorite places in Rio, it is always very fun every visit I make!

Thanks to all friends there!!! :)

Rafael Torres Lopes

Tour Guide and Travel Planner

A friend of Rocinha

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