Monday, June 27, 2011


I can sense that our tour will be full of energy and fun much before it starts...some times by the great joy of our messages...yes, people write me with a lot of advance when they request for tours; sometimes by the way we meet in the guests come and stay in hotels, renting apartments, B&Bs, hostels, ships and they even come for one day like a long stopover in the airport and we stroll around all the city....

With Eduardo and Maribel....who we just met and we became great friends and I knew exactly what they wanted...They wanted to see a different Rio, a Rio away from the classical tourism industry...something personal and taylored just for them!!!

By the way, Eduardo is such a lover of Rio that he has Rio in his name!!!!! :))))))))

And we spoke SPANISH during the whole day...I LOVE WHEN I HAVE MEXICAN PEOPLE, they really help me to improve my spanish, Mexico has very special and unique words!!!

And they are from Tijuana...ummmmmm I will love to have some tacos and tequilas there and make my way to the Pacific Beaches...

When they decided to visit Rio, I took them to see also another city...Niteroi, a place where you can see the city of Rio from the other side of Guanabara you can see we were very INFORMAL since the very beggining!!! :)

If you are used with a lot of protocols and formalities...please forgive me...I studied to be a diplomat but I want to myself and you to be yourselves...if I have the best of you, I can give you the best of Rio!!! :))))))

Maribel had a blast in our super lunch in Niteroi, we chose to go to A MINEIRA...a big restaurant where few tourists know with local brazilian food, such a big variety of food that bring us back to the GRANDMA'S time when all the folks get together in her house, and every family member prepares the best dish in the house...A World of Meat, a World with vegetables and spices...a wonderful way to TASTE the divine mix of races translated in the rich BRAZILIAN CUISINE. In A MINEIRA, you can taste a little of Europe, a little of Africa and a little of our INDIGENOUS PEOPLE.

As we are LATINOS, a good conversation always starts or ends in a typical bar...And we stopped in one very old bar in Santa Tereza that put together all the best brains in the city where they use to sit down, chat and nibble delicious snacks!!!

Tradition, fun, views and freedom...these are the things that my tours offer!!!

And I am so grateful to have Eduardo and Maribel as members of my enormous great friends all over the World!!!

Missing you badly folks and really wait for A SECOND EXPEDITION IN RIO!!!

CARNAVAL???? WORLD CUP???? OLYMPICS????? I will be here with the best of my smile and the best of my strengh to give you a TIGHT HUG when I see you again!!!


Rafael Torres Lopes

Tour Guide and Travel Planner


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