Tuesday, June 21, 2011


We started our day in front of our great landmark, the Sugar Loaf on Guanabara Bay, this ios where I stop for a introduction photo when we start to explore Rio de Janeiro. But our day promissed a lot of fun and some good rest for me!!!

Rio de Janeiro gives me endless options for you to be in love with Brazil and for me to get all the inspiration to make my work even better...

The funny thing is that I live so close to Copacabana beach and when I decide to go to the beach I go to an isolated island in the South of the State...Well I love my privacy when I have my days off!!!

Me, Aline, Marcone and Leticia, our friends from Maranhão State...our bonds with this land is very strong and we are always very happy to welcome our friends from there. They are sisters and always come to Rio to see us and also their relatives. It was a cool opportunity to take them to one place that they never dreamt about visiting!!!

Everything start with a boat! It can be all kind of this case we took a speed boat which is safe and really fast, it takes you to the island you need in few minutes, and in our case we got there in the afternoon so our time was limited!!!

As you know I am always looking for places, recently, Marcone and I took our friends Aline and Leticia for a great afternoon in one of the islands in the South of Rio.

It is really a fabulous "day off" destination not so far from Rio, my way to give me a break from my busy life in Rio. Many people think it is pleasant my work, it is indeed but it demands a lot of responsability, a lot of time and a lot of dedication, so even me have to find a way to relax and have some fun moments with my dear ones! A TOUR GUIDE LIKE MYSELF ALWAYS HAVE A BUSY AND COMITTED LIFE!!!

But even in my days off, I am always have tasks to do, we picked up one island where very few visitors go when they come to Rio, and we chose Mangaratiba, the first city in the South of Rio de Janeiro state. Marcone and I are always aware to find places where you can have a fantastic time!!!

We reached a district called Itacuruça, actually very popular destination for people who live in the east side of Rio, a region we name ZONA OESTE, from this point you can take boats to reach several islands, as our time was short, we decided to spend our time in just one island, the name is Guajamum and we stayed in Pitangueiras Beach.

We had a lovely reception by the owner of the main restaurant, Antonio, a portuguese man that even after 40 years of Brazil never lost his funny and interesting portuguese accent! :) His food are plenty, the sea food is marvelous and his wife Teresa is a master in her own cuisine!

Blue Sky, emerald water, clean white sand and gorgeous rock formations and lush forest everywhere, No cars, no city buzz, no noisy environment...just fresh air, quietness and nature!!! The sound of the waves, pleasant water temperature and amazing food!!! (not expensive at all!!!)

What else should we ask for???? With the company of two marvelous girls, our wonderful friends from the State of Maranhão, Aline and Leticia. They come to Rio very often to see us and their relatives.

IMPORTANT: As for the tours, going to the Tropical Islands can be a great ONE DAY TOUR OPTION when you already know Rio properly but still need to find new places. Just spending the whole day there you will have a complete incredible day seeing a lot of local places, wilderness, fun and relax.

It takes just one hour to go there, it is also located in the way to the other famous spots such as Ilha Grande, Angra dos Reis and Paraty.

We can arrange boat tours of all sizes and types, and prices of course. From a single speed boat to a big, comfortable and full of music schooner. Our trip can be arrange exactly in the way you want, all very personal and private.

Contact me in my email address and LET'S PLAN OUR DAY!!! My email address is

Going to ITACURUÇA will make your trip very special and it is also a nice idea when you just have few days in Rio, a cool option when you cannot go to Buzios or Paraty because your time is short and going there will provide a tropical experience in some of the unknown beaches in the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro. SPECIAL TREAT FOR YOU!!!!

And now you know one of the places that I go when I have my days off!!!

Come and enjoy Rio with a lot of local experiences!!! That is why I am here, that is why I am a tour guide!!!


Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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