Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I am sure she will be one of the most brilliant brains for Africa in the near future!!! :) She studies Foreign Affairs in Chicago and Chicago (as usual) holds in its home this "piece of paradise", my friend Matel!!! She came to Brazil as part of her language studies, she chose portuguese...quite smart as Brazil is growing fast and plays an important rule in the World's Business Scenery.

For Chicago I have to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH for sending me so many interesting people, it is one of the cities in USA that always look for my tours!!! MUITO OBRIGADO!!!

We had one day to explore Rio and we also had the company of our New Yorker friend Brandon which I will talk about in one of my next posts. Of course, we stopped in one of Rio's landmark...the multi-coloured stairs of Selaron, a work made by just one man that really gave to Rio the title of GRAND TRAVEL DESTINATION. And I am a big fan of Selaron which I am proud to have him as a friend of mine. Seeing the stairs is like reviewing our Travel Life, you find tyles from all over the World.

IMPORTANT!!!! Check if you can find a TYLE with the name of your hometown written in it, and bring it to us, I will take you to Selaron's Stairs and we both will give to him...It is a gift to the city and it is a way to recognize his fabulous work and contribuition for a more beautiful World.

As we know, Selaron Stairs not only belongs to Rio but also to all over the Planet...So HELP THE PLANET TO GET EVEN MORE COLORS!!!

No doubt, Senegal gave to the World one precious pearl. Matel was a real gift to my photography hobbies...combining human presence and modern architecture. And we were in Niteroi visiting the famous Niemeyer's Monument...and this monument is a museum, our Contemporary Art Museum. And going there will be your chance to see an unique view to the Bay of Guanabara.

For every traveller visiting Rio, going to Niteroi is always a pleasant surprise...It is our most important city after Rio and sadly it is forgotten by most of our visitors, but I am here to show you all the secrets!

You can write to me asking details about having one day in Niteroi.

We also stopped in the charming fishing village of Jurujuba right in the celabrations of St. Peter's day, the Fishermen Protector...lots of local food all around, all types! We had a lovely Feijoada in the local's church. Beautiful colourful boats and lots of green all around.

Many thanks to Matel's friendship that made possible one more brilliant day in my career. Many thanks also to Brandon's presence that also helped to give us a very fun day. We had a blast and Rio became even more fascinating with such a Princess visiting our lands!!!

I am proud and honored to be your friend, Matel. Thanks for making our day so special with your knowledge, travel curiosity and very sweet presence!!!

And your portuguese is simply perfect...We know you will come back many times!!! :)

Rafael Torres Lopes

Tour Guide and Travel Planner

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Bianca said...

Ah Rafa,eu gostei! Td bem que não consegui entender mta coisa né,pq vc conhece o meu inglês.hahaha As fotos estão mto legais! beijo.